Yacht’s going on


The Aquon One is an eco-friendly catamaran that runs on sustainable power but does not compromise on luxury, style or technology

A stunning example of Swiss ingenuity, Aquon One will define the future of luxury yachts, setting new standards for the industry in the form of a beautiful, intelligent and sustainable solar catamaran powered by green hydrogen. It’s a boat that will change the yachting world – all that is needed is a pioneer to set in motion a wave of innovation and aspiration that others can follow.

“A yacht is a sanctuary, a place to be in tune with nature,” says Christine Funck, the CEO and co-founder of Aquon. “The future of yachting must honour that. Aboard the Aquon One, you cruise silently. There are no vibrations, no emissions, no diesel fumes, no time wasted for refuelling. Just an autonomous luxury apartment where you can enjoy every moment of your day.”

The company’s flagship model, the Aquon One, is a 19.5-metre catamaran that utilises renewable energy, sustainable materials and cutting-edge thinking. The hydrogen tanks are refilled onboard, using solar energy to split salt water, which results in a boat with almost unlimited range under typical usage. With an aerodynamic exterior modelled on the elegant manta ray and an adaptable interior created from luxury sustainable materials such as cork, bamboo and recycled leather, the Aquon One offers complete peace of mind for the user. That’s the peace of mind that comes from travelling on a yacht that emits no pollution, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing your boat is fully sustainable and self-sufficient with state-of-the-art technology. It’s a yacht that is at one with the environment without offering any compromise in terms of quality, taste or tech.

The team at Aquon – which includes naval architects, interior designers, entrepreneurs and yachties – believe their work on the ship will inspire others in the yachting world to develop their own sustainable innovations. Aquon One is fully designed, and the first yacht can be built in 18 months. Any following orders can be completed in eight months. Aquon also already has designs in place for larger vessels.

It is a truly special feeling as we bring together the expertise and craftsmanship of professionals around Europe, united by our pioneering spirit and passion for sustainability,” says Christine. “Together we have created this showcase of sustainable yachting to redefine the future of the sector.”