MoNoA’s hi-tech wristwatch attachments don’t just measure movement – they calculate stress and well-being through motion, temperature and galvanic skin response

Sometimes big ideas can come from the most seemingly insignificant moments. This was the case for MoNoA founder Stijn Bogaerts. Part of the initial idea for his company came one day when he was in a jewellery shop in Belgium and someone came in to drop off a watch for maintenance.

“This watch admirer then got out his sportswatch and went away for an hour to do some exercise,” says Stijn. “Later that evening, he might say, ‘Okay, I’ve done my activity for the day, I did some sports, so I’m a healthy person’, but in reality those kind of devices only capture a tiny part of the picture, which is tracking our activity levels by the amount of physical movement we do. There’s a lot more to health and well-being than that.”

Stijn had looked into the digitization of the watch industry during his executive studies and had spent a decade working in technology. Before founding MoNoA, he had spotted an area where many digital watches fall short. “We saw that a lot of digitized products, like fitness trackers and smartwatches, are mainly sports-oriented and don’t deal much with the whole well-being of the person wearing them,” he says. “What our devices do is look at overall stress levels. By doing that, you can visualize your stress and make yourself more efficient, because you are at your most resilient and productive from the moment you are close to your personal balance.”

MoNoA’s device – a small accessory that easily clips on to any wristwatch – measures three main things: movement, skin temperature and galvanic skin response (GSR). The last of these measures the activation of sweat glands in the skin, known to be an unconscious indication of our emotional state. Users can then view an overall picture of their health in the MoNoA application.

“All these aspects are personalized for you as an individual,” says Stijn. “The app creates your own well-being algorithm. It enables you to track the highs and lows of your stress levels and receive personalized advice on how to manage it.” Using the data from its application, MoNoA also provides a connected platform with specialized services and professional health and well-being coaches. “This can reinvent the notion of efficiency and well-being,” says Stijn. “Our products are a gamechanger in this world.”