Clinique La Prairie

Luxury Swiss clinic Clinique La Prairie holds the secret to living a longer, healthier and fuller life

In a competitive market, there are certain distinctions that draw guests back to Clinique La Prairie, a pioneering medical retreat in Switzerland. “Our discerning clientele appreciate our delicate balance between health and harmony,” says Marketing Director Sonia Spring. “We are probably the most exclusive and luxurious health and wellness clinic in the world.”

This is, in part, due to the extraordinary setting. Clinique La Prairie sits on the shores of Lake Geneva near Montreux, with views that roll out over manicured gardens and across sapphire-blue waters to the mountains beyond. Guests from all around the world can immerse themselves in this serene environment and benefit from the most advanced medical and wellness care available.

The clinic has been known for its pioneering treatments since it was founded in 1931 by Paul Niehans, a Swiss doctor at the forefront of cellular therapy. Niehans treated heads of state, film stars and – famously – Pope Pius XII. His legacy lives on in Clinique La Prairie’s innovative therapies (completed now with a multi-award-winning spa) which offer access to sophisticated wellness solutions.

The clinic’s week-long programmes begin with comprehensive medical assessment. During consultations with a doctor, who is assigned from a team of more than 50 specialists, patients are advised on their eating and lifestyle habits, and given an in-depth insight into their state of health. One of the clinic’s signature treatments, Revitalisation, offers complete cell regeneration and aims to slow down the ageing process while activating the immune system. The Master Detox is also popular, and other programmes include Better Sleep, Rebalancing, Weight Loss System and Premium Check-Up.

Sonia describes the holistic experience as a four-pillared process: medical, nutrition, wellness and movement, all of which play a vital role in overall well-being. “The last 10 years have seen an increasing emphasis on the medical spa as more people tap into advances in science that heal inside and out,” she explains. “People are really looking at having an increased awareness of disease-prevention tools. We believe that the future of wellness is based on genetics.” DNA testing is included in several programmes to build a comprehensive health map of the individual patient and provide a unique opportunity to tailor preventative medicine plans and lifestyle.

All stays are personalized to the specific medical and wellness needs of each client, including diet, exercise, advanced beauty care and spa treatments that include Western and Eastern therapies. Meals are eaten in the garden-side restaurant where delicious and beautifully presented dishes provide a balanced and healthy diet.

“Among our guests are high-flying corporate executives who have extremely busy lives,” says Sonia. “They see their week with us as a chance to take care of themselves.” Building on this,  the latest programme, Executive Vitality, will offer corporate groups the opportunity to take as much care of their health as they do of their business or company.

At Clinique La Prairie, guests engage with physicians and holistic consultants to kick-start a healthier way of life, to relax and recharge, to look and feel younger. With only 39 rooms and suites and a commitment to personal service, staying in this Swiss oasis is a one-of-a-kind experience.