Atlantis by Giardino

Within easy reach of cultured Zurich, the Atlantis by Giardino hotel is an urban retreat that gives guests the chance to relax in a natural and luxurious setting

“Every floor of the Atlantis by Giardino is connected by the hotel’s incredible spiral staircase,” says Riccardo Giacometti, General Manager for Atlantis by Giardino in Zurich, Switzerland. “Seen from above, it looks like a sun-bleached nautilus shell; from below it unfurls like a ribbon. This idea of design ‘simultaneity’ inspired our major refurbishment – the building’s original post-modern wonders have been refashioned into 21st-century luxury.”

To this end, Atlantis by Giardino’s interior designer, Inge Moore, has expanded upon the building’s most striking design elements. “Pieces of art masquerade as furniture,” says Riccardo. “Furniture is mistaken for art. To complete the process, over a third of the bedrooms were removed to increase space – we now have the most spacious rooms in Zurich.”

Situated between forests and Uetliberg mountain, the hotel’s location is one of its standout features. “Each room has its own balcony providing guests with astonishing views of Zurich and the dramatic beauty that encompasses it,” says Riccardo. “The hotel is surrounded by meadows so you can sit out and watch sheep and cows grazing – there are even a few llamas.”

Guests in search of more sophisticated distractions can take advantage of Atlantis by Giardino’s complimentary shuttle service into the city. “We refer to the hotel as an urban retreat,” says Riccardo. “It is only a 10-minute journey from Zurich’s centre, but that short distance opens up another world. We have a fleet of Range Rovers or, for special occasions, we have a Rolls-Royce.”

The hotel has a range of individually styled suites to choose from. “We’ve created wonderful spaces through a combination of grand designs and subtle touches,” says Riccardo. “The Hublot 107 Suite is a great example of this. Designed by the Swiss watch maker Hublot, this striking room is a testament to engineering brilliance and good taste.”

For those wanting to experience the pinnacle of Swiss luxury, there is the Royal Residence. “Renaissance beauty, rich colours and oriental charm combine to make walking into our grandest suite an event in itself,” says Riccardo. “These rooms are the finest accommodation in Switzerland.”

A meal at the hotel’s two-Michelin-starred Ecco restaurant is a highlight of any stay. “Excellence drives the Atlantis and its staff,” says Riccardo. “Chef Stefan Heilemann and his team work tirelessly to capture the flavours of the city. Local produce is sourced from the best suppliers in the region.

“Zurich comes alive in dishes of aromatic splendour. The views, the atmosphere, the food; they all come together to create an unforgettable dining experience.”

To complete the luxury experience, the hotel’s dipiù spa offers wellness for body and mind, with a Swiss twist. “We follow the ancient principles of Ayurveda,” says Riccardo. “And our team of specialists and dietitians add a Swiss touch to these healing arts. Our range of dipiù products have been specially created using the finest natural ingredients – Merlot grapes, fresh almonds and citrus fruits are combined with massage, yoga and meditation to give guests a vibrant feeling of rejuvenation. They leave the spa in such a good mood.

“The beauty of this place is almost overwhelming,” he concludes. “The meadows and mountains, the city skylines and the alpine valleys – we are so close to Zurich yet just far enough away to make our hotel a place of total relaxation and escape.”