Barcelona-based fashion designer Javier Girón knows about culture shock. Born in Colombia, at the age of 12 his family moved across the globe and settled in Frankfurt, Germany. This clash of cultures would become pivotal to his future work as a designer. “I developed a real fascination for the contrast between cultures, and I use this contrast in my designs because it speaks deeply of who I am,” says Javier. “I look for inspiration in everything: the way people live in their environment, their beliefs, what they do for a living, their houses – everything I see I bring into my work.”

Javier designs exclusively for his own label, Jnorig (Norig is Girón spelled backwards), which launched in 2017. For his first menswear collection Javier presented the unlikely fusion of traditional Japanese fighting dress and the indigenous tribes of North America. Beyond the clean, modern aesthetic, details reveal Javier’s inspirations, such as the ribbing of a leather jacket in the style of medieval Japanese armour and harnesses that are interpretations of North American dream catchers. For the second collection, he took inspiration from the geometric designs of the Inuit of northern Canada and the draped fabrics of Arabia.

Javier’s signature style uses achromatic shades of black, grey and white, with the hint of a single colour in each collection, and a structural aesthetic that uses straight lines and shapes, a nod to his initial career choice of architecture. “My style is minimalist, clean and geometric,” he says. “I always look for structured fabrics, such as neoprene and leather, because these fabrics give volume and shape to the pieces.”

Business is thriving. Javier’s first two collections launched at Barcelona Fashion Week and were shown in Paris and New York. He sells worldwide through the label’s website and at its stores in Barcelona, Berlin and Dubai.

Although Jnorig is a menswear brand, Javier has wider ambitions, and considers his garments to be gender-free. “My clothes are for everyone,” he says. “I design them for people who are proud of who they are, and who want to wear something modern, unique and edgy, regardless of what gender they are.”