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Haverfords Aviation

Buying a private helicopter is a smooth ride with the professional services of Haverfords Aviation

If buying a new car can cause a headache, imagine what it is like to buy a plane or helicopter. While such a major purchase cannot be undertaken lightly, the process can be alleviated with the help of a reliable, professional broker such as Haverfords Aviation. The company was founded by CEO Peter Verrinder in January 2021 after many years working in the industry. Extremely knowledgeable and engaging, Peter seeks to bring a personal touch to his role, providing an end-to-end service that is always tailored to the customer’s particular needs for private flying.

Before forming Haverfords Aviation, Peter worked as an aircraft engineer and sales manager for one of the UK’s largest specialists in luxury helicopter charter. On the back of that experience, he felt it was time to start his own business in the industry, which he set up in Crawley, West Sussex.

Although Haverfords Aviation sells both fixed-wing aircraft, such as Learjet 31As and Boeing 757s, the company specialises in helicopters. There are several reasons why somebody would choose a private helicopter over a plane: a helicopter is far more flexible, as it requires considerably less space for take-off and landing; it can land in almost any field (there is even a pub in Oxford with its own helipad); and it can often follow a route that would otherwise be taken by car, only much faster. A helicopter is also more environmentally friendly than a plane as it uses less fuel, and it can have cheaper maintenance costs.

According to Haverfords Aviation, when customers buy a helicopter, it is helpful for them to assess their individual needs and have some idea of exactly what they are looking for. Important questions to consider are: whether the owner will be flying themselves or will they require a pilot? Do they want to sit in the cockpit or in a cabin? Then there are essential issues such as range, passenger space and interior design to consider. All of these will determine whether the customer requires a state-of-the-art ten-seater Airbus H160 or something more compact such as the Robinson R22.

Whatever the conclusion, Haverfords Aviation will be able to fulfil the customer’s requirements, supporting them through every step of the transaction process. “The company has a clear understanding of the expectations and needs of customers and understands that although every customer is different, they all expect trust, reliability and confidentiality,” says Peter. Situated only two miles from Gatwick Airport, near all the private airfields of southeast England, Haverfords Aviation is “perfectly placed for travel nationally or internationally, as well as to receive clients and take them in comfort and ease throughout the UK”.

In addition to selling new and used helicopters and planes, Haverfords Aviation can assist with pre-purchase inspections. To make sure that all technical standards are met, the company has a bank of experienced engineers who perform PPIs (pre-purchase inspections), which include an inspection of power plant, airframe and cabin, along with a comprehensive logbook audit. A free quotation service is available.

When it comes to sales, Haverfords Aviation can assist with advice on the latest market trends and carry out a visual inspection of the helicopter for you, along with a logbook review. Customers can be rest-assured that they are receiving the best possible valuation and position within a competitive market.