Nassauer Hof

Hommage Luxury Hotels Collection creates unique destinations that always slot into a city’s local history

“A Hommage hotel is part of each location’s history in a way that matters,” says Thomas Langenstedt, Director of Sales and Marketing for Hommage Luxury Hotels Collection, which currently has four destinations across Germany. “From the relaxed, state-of-the-art luxury of Söl’ring Hof on the island of Sylt to the belle époque beauty of Maison Messmer in Baden-Baden, we know how to pick a spot.”

Nassauer Hof’s Wiesbaden location is extra special, thanks to thermal activity underground. “The cherry blossoms along the streets flourish even in winter,” says Thomas. “The hot springs beneath the city warm the tree roots as well as the hotel’s rooftop spa. So the swimming pool is filled with mineral-rich thermal water, enhancing the guest experience.”

Cuisine plays a central role in the Hommage Hotels’ offering. “Naussauer Hof’s Ente restaurant has held a Michelin star for more than 40 years,” says Thomas. Söl’ring Hof Sylt has a two-star Michelin restaurant located on the dunes. Head of the kitchen is the Michelin-starred Jan-Philipp Berner, while the host Johannes King was once awarded the GaultMillau Chef of the Year award. “Like the nature on the island, the cuisine is constantly changing shape,” says Thomas. “Herbs are foraged from the landscape, the menu is guided by the natural bounty of the surrounding area.”

The recently renovated Parkhotel Bremen is positioned inside the city’s beautiful Bürgerpark, on the banks of Lake Holler. “Parkhotel Bremen is in the city yet removed,” says Thomas. “It represents peace among nature.” Then there’s Maison Messmer Baden-Baden, which sits at the entrance to the Black Forest. “This city is full of history,” says Thomas. “It’s popular with Russians, and it’s where Tsar Nicholas met Kaiser Wilhelm many times. Our Malersaal Hall is as grand a building as anyone could find, almost 300 years old and lovingly refurbished to its original state of grandeur.”

The four hotels that make up the collection share one thing in common. “From the moment I walk through the door there is a feeling of warmth,” says Thomas. “I have never heard the word ‘no’ said to a guest – anything can be organized. Each guest is an individual, and each stay will be unforgettable. We are true to our creed: where moments make memories!”