La Cornue

For more than a century, the artisans at La Cornue haven’t just been building ovens – they’ve been creating works of art that resonate with French gastronomic culture.

“When you buy from the La Cornue cooking range, you are not just buying a cooker, you are buying the ideal of French lifestyle,” says Camille Syren, Marketing and Communications Director. “We represent conviviality, superior gastronomy and French excellence; qualities that all those passionate about food are looking for. It is a piece of equipment for those who appreciate elegance as well as traditional and quality craftsmanship in their kitchen.”

La Cornue is best known for its classic, double-fronted ovens in bold colours, but its latest range puts a 21st century urban twist on that tradition. It has been designed and produced in a creative collaboration with French graffiti artist Cyril Kongo, and each of the six ovens in the range merges modern graphic styling, using Kongo’s signature stylus pen, with conventional French workmanship. The result is a stunning selection of ovens that are as much functional as they are a piece of contemporary art.

This isn’t the first time the company has collaborated with a well-known artist. “Design is part of our DNA,” says Camille. “These collaborations are crucial to keeping this historic brand up to date. It is very inspiring for us to collaborate with designers: it is a way for us to progress and develop new things and have a new view for a very ancient product. When we collaborate with a designer, we not only produce a cooker, but a masterpiece handmade by the artist that people can enjoy in their homes for generations.”

Founded in 1908 by Albert Dupuy, who pioneered the convection oven, La Cornue is a French oven and cooking range manufacturer producing two main residential cooker ranges: Le Château (famed for its patented vaulted oven that would be right at home in any Michelin-starred restaurant), and Cornufé (a smaller, less expensive and less customizable product). The cookers in the Château range are all handcrafted and made-to-measure, allowing the customer to select every detail, from the configuration and size, to the colour, trim and accessories. The hobs can also be personalized, and the ovens come with electric or gas fittings, or a combination of both. This bespoke cooker is then built at the company’s headquarters in the small town of Saint Ouen L’Aumône, just outside Paris, before being delivered to the customer, complete with the individually numbered stamp of the craftsman who created it. For the true foodie, it’s the ultimate statement piece.

The brand is also on the frontline of manufacturing, bringing in a new generation of carbon cookers and experimenting with the use of novel materials, such as black chrome and shiny copper, while also investigating new ways to work with the more traditional materials of enamel and brass. Developing a professional range of cookers for restaurants is also on the horizon.

“We have a permanent quest for excellence and will always go in search of being better, being newer, and trying things that have never been done before,” says Camille. “We don’t want to be a brand of the past and we never say ‘that’s it, we have the perfect product’. We are always thinking into the future.”