Lola Prusac

Lola Prusac is a luxury brand with a deep heritage in Parisian couture that dates back to 1936

Lola Prusac was a French fashion designer and businesswoman who established the Lola Prusac brand in Paris in 1936. Today, the brand continues to operate, run by President and Creative Director, Kristina Colborn. “The one thing about Lola’s designs is they’re all timeless and classic,” explains Kristina. “They were beautiful then and they’re just as beautiful now.”

Prusac started out designing for the luxury goods brand Hermès in the 1920s before launching her own fashion house. Her bright, bold couture was favoured by many celebrity clients, including Ingrid Bergman, Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Denueve, Lauren Bacall and the Duchess of Windsor. “Not only do we pay homage to Lola’s original designs,” says Kristina, “but we’ve created new products that are not only functional and luxurious, but maintain the rich heritage of the Lola Prusac brand.”

Kristina’s New York-based company has reintroduced Prusac’s designs to the world with a range of elegant and luxurious handbags, scarves, jewellery and perfumes. Yet as much as company President Kristina – alongside Vice-President Eduardo Ramirez – is looking to the future, she’s always keeping Lola Prusac’s legacy at the front and centre of everything they do. So, while everything is designed in New York, the company’s new collection will be handmade by skilled artisans in Italy and France.

“New York is where the heart of our company is,” says Eduardo, “but Europe is extremely important for us because the company’s heritage and history is European. We’re still going to manufacture some of our products in New York, but we wanted to elevate the brand and, for us, that meant having our new collection made in Italy and France.”

That new collection will also unveil a slightly different approach for the company. While 14-karat gold hardware has been, and will remain, a distinctive trademark of Lola Prusac’s handbags and jewellery, that’s not all the company will be using.  “This year we’re also transitioning to pieces that offer gunmetal finishing,” says Kristina. “And we’re branching out to include more sustainable material – we’re going to be using 100 per cent wool in the collection with a tricot design that Lola used back in 1965.”

Not only that, but for the first time since the brand was relaunched, Lola Prusac will be designing some items specifically for men, adding to an already impressive selection of products that includes pieces from Prusac’s own collection as well as updated versions of her vision and designs. “Our collection has been mainly geared towards women,” says Kristina, “but this year, we’re going to be offering a men’s collection, starting with a messenger bag, a wallet and a dedicated scent for men.

All the company’s changes and decisions, however, are guided by a very clear respect, admiration and passion for who Lola Prusac was, the designs that she made and everything that she achieved. That everything is still handcrafted not only ensures that each piece is unique, but that the high-quality brand established by Prusac back almost a century ago is as well-made, high quality and luxurious as it was back then.