Qatar Executive

Qatar Executive has transformed flying into a luxurious experience that defies formalities and even time itself

Qatar Executive is is the business jet subsidiary of Qatar Airways, the world’s fastest-growing airline. The service was launched at the Paris Airshow in 2009 and offers tailor-made, luxury worldwide charter solutions. “Qatar Executive operates state-of-the-art aircraft to more than 2,000 destinations worldwide,” says Captain Husam Khalil, Qatar Executive’s Acting Executive Vice President and Vice President Operations.

The success of Qatar Executive, which saw an impressive 19.1 per cent growth in 2019, stems from its ability to structure services around individual clients’ needs – an offer that has been enhanced with the introduction of its Diamond Agreement. Its business is totally customer-centric: the Diamond Agreement is an exciting new chapter offering all the benefits of a traditional Jet Card, with fewer restrictions and unused hours being refundable at any time.

The Diamond Agreement offers a completely bespoke service structured to suit both corporate and personal travel. “The profile of the client is such that they have dynamic schedules,” says Captain Khalil, “and at Qatar Executive we are always able to react quickly to satisfy their needs.”

Qatar Executive is the largest international operator of the Gulfstream G650ER and G500 aircraft. The two business jet types are industry known for their technological advancements and unique cabins. Operating a number of fast and fuel-efficient fleets has environmental as well as time-saving benefits. These particular Gulfstream aircraft offer a fuel saving of up to 13 per cent over similar types. This means fewer carbon emissions, shorter flying times and an environmentally sensitive operation.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Qatar Executive has seen a trend whereby passengers arrive on a Qatar Airways scheduled service, and then transfer onto a Qatar Executive private jet, to travel to an onward destination. Customers can take advantage of the ease of transfer at Hamad International Airport, with a typical transfer time of approximately 30-40 minutes between a commercial Qatar Airways flight and a private Qatar Executive jet or vice-versa.

In March 2020, Qatar Executive saw a 30 per cent growth in operations, due to its commitment of taking people home safely and securely. Qatar Executive’s team is industry-leading, multicultural and multilingual – clients can request cabin crew who speak a particular language as well as personalized onboard menus. “Our clients can expect exceptional flight crew and amazing in-flight service,”says Captain Khalil.

Qatar Executive’s Diamond Agreement and its ongoing investment in new aircraft, particularly jets capable of flying long-haul and ultra-long-haul, are core elements of a highly successful company strategy. “We are dedicated to crafting a new level of customer experience,” says Captain Khalil. “It is all about providing a seamless and flexible service to our clientele and this is always at the forefront of our decision making.”