Done Interior

“I wanted to build and design dream spaces,” says Noor Bin Eidan, Founder and Chief Design Officer of luxury interior design firm Done Interior. “I wanted to realize something unique, beautiful, original. That was always the vision. I wanted to turn one of my sketches into a work of art where people could move and live.”

Noor’s poetic creative philosophy has underpinned the company since its inception. Yet at one time, it seemed an almost impossible dream.

After successfully completing her education and gaining a foothold in the industry by designing luxury furniture pieces, Noor worked as an interior design project consultant for 10 years until she founded Done Interior in 2013 and realized her dream. The business – which launched in Kuwait and has since completed over 400 exclusive design projects across six Middle Eastern countries – now has more than 100 staff and has recently expanded its operations to Europe, where a new London office is providing bespoke interior design to European clients.

Noor attributes this rapid-growth success to the cherished relationship the team build with their clients, their expert attention to detail, and the quality craftsmanship they demonstrate through their work. “We are often approached by new clients who have been referred to us as a result of our previous projects, which speaks for the work we do and the relationships we build,” she says. “Attention to detail is everything. I design our furniture from initial paper sketches and oversee every stage of the manufacturing process as each item evolves into a unique piece of art. Our production is meticulous and involves hand-selecting raw materials and fabrics specific to the design and client in question; wood, paint, fabric, and other requirements are selected in collaboration with our suppliers, so that only the best materials are used. Then, our experienced master carpenters follow a detailed brief to ensure that every single aspect is handcrafted in the best possible way.”

Equally meticulous is the interior design process at Done Interior, which manages both residential and commercial projects. These always start with an introductory client meeting, Noor explains, which helps to build a picture of the client’s idea and inspiration for their place. Designers can then begin to draft up these ideas and convert them into mood boards, making their dream a reality.

“We have made it a priority and a routine aspect of our project management to handle everything ourselves,” she says, “from the initial mood board assembly right down to the choice of timber and selection of fabrics, and the installation of the furniture in the client’s home.”

This exceptional level of care and attention to detail is what Noor believes sets Done Interior apart from other designers in the industry. That, and the essential creative instinct for mixing colours with magical design.

“Magic is what we do here,” she says, reflectively. “It’s in our philosophy and in our tag line: ‘Get Your Dreams Done’. My aim is to help people realize their own dreams like I have realized mine. It’s always easier than they think.”