The bloom of youth

Swiss Perfection

Luxury skincare brand Swiss Perfection uses the most advanced technologies to harvest the ancient and unique properties of the iris

Named after the Greek goddess of the rainbow, the beautiful iris has a power that belies its delicate appearance. It symbolises purity, wisdom, hope, trust and valour – qualities that led the early French court to adopt the flower in heraldry as the distinctive, three-petal fleur-de-lis. Yet this remarkable flower, which grows in abundance in the pure air of the Swiss Alps, has near-miraculous properties that are elevated even further once unlocked by unisex cosmetics brand Swiss Perfection, which harvests Iris germanica from the unspoilt gardens of Château de Vullierens to create luxurious Swiss cellular skincare.

“We have one ingredient – the iris, the royal flower that has been our star and signature for 25 years,” explains Alexandra Moulin, the Chief Operating Officer of Swiss Perfection. “We love and understand this flower, and over time we have been able to use technology to create even more active properties from this source. The iris is who we are.”

It was through observing the resilient iris, which seemed to grow stronger each year despite the harsh Swiss winters, that scientists at Swiss Perfection realised the flower contained spectacular properties that could benefit human skin. The skincare products exploit the cells of the iris root to counteract cellular dehydration, reinvigorate the natural cell division process and rejuvenate the skin. Following a unique extraction process, Swiss Perfection’s signature compound, the enzyme and protein-rich Cellular Active Irisa, increases tissue-oxygenation to deliver optimal hydration. It stimulates the cell metabolism, enhances the skin’s natural renewal process, and its high anti-oxidant activity protects cellular DNA.

But Swiss Perfection is not just inspired by nature and science. The brand operates at the intersection of technology and haute couture, taking inspiration from the worlds of art, fashion and jewellery for its packaging and products. “Our products have a great sense of luxury, a feeling of being very special,” says Alexandra. “We use only the most prestigious materials and that sense of luxury begins as soon as you handle the product. Then you open this beautiful pot and you have the immaculate scent, texture and comfort when you apply it to your skin. It is very contemporary and sophisticated, so it will suit the modern gentleman as well as women.”

For a quarter of a century, Swiss Perfection has been one of cosmetics’ best-kept secrets, but now the message is starting to spread. Swiss Perfection products have long been used by those fortunate enough to experience spas at five-star hotels, and they are now starting to appear in luxury department stores. “When we chose to call ourselves Swiss Perfection, we were making a commitment,” says Alexandra. “It is a promise we are making to achieve visible results for the skin, guaranteeing the trust of our customers. We live the Swiss Perfection experience in a spa and at home. Our customer base is very solid and we know that our clients always come back to the brand, purchasing those original products that we first brought to the market in 1998, and that we have since enriched and revitalised with our knowledge and experience. We are still faithful to who we are, where we are, and the iris flower that restores and rejuvenates the skin. As the iris continues to bloom around the world, we feel this is just the beginning of our journey.”