Virginia Stone

Virginia Stone seeks to overturn traditional misconceptions about skincare with a modern and scientific approach with her innovative and cutting-edge concept of The Tone Factor, Virginia Stone has turned the skincare industry on its head. “Skincare has always adhered to a broken and outdated model,” says Virginia. “The classification of dry, normal or oily skin is incomplete, and does not address the differences found within varying skin tones or the need to approach and treat each skin tone independently.”

Virginia Stone’s eponymous brand is still in its infancy, but she has had this concept in mind for more than a decade. Virginia discovered that many high-end products consisted of added water and fillers, while those that described themselves as “natural and sustainable” were of poor quality. “I wanted to prove that I could design a superior product that was both sustainable and luxurious, offering performance-driven results based on a new concept,” says Virginia, from her home in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. “I built this brand on a foundation of passion, purpose and an unyielding desire to innovate and inspire.”

Mainstream skincare brands have always taken a one-size-fits-all approach to their products. Virginia’s early instinct that this was wrong-headed led her to pursue qualifications in natural medicine. “I became interested in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine,” she says, “and I am a qualified nutritionist, herbologist and kinesiologist. I used this learning about natural ingredients and skincare practices from around the world to develop my own, more customized brand.”

That process began with custom-designed formulas based on skin tone. “The most important factor to consider when designing skin care is tone,” says Virginia. “It determines your skin personality, which inherently defines unique characteristics like skin density, sensitivity, sun-protection-factor requirements, and potency tolerance levels. This is the future of beauty, and Virginia Stone is leading the way with a new sustainable luxury model.”

Virginia Stone’s first release Eyes has garnered rave reviews and shown impressive results. It is available internationally in three skin tone collections: Kavesi (for fair skin), Jasari (medium) and Odaja (dark). Fifteen further products are in the pipeline, with bespoke and VIP options – containing rare, ethically sourced ingredients – set to follow.

An ethical and sustainable approach to sourcing and production has led Virginia Stone to partner with like-minded partners, joining forces with a community of conservationists and fair-trade organizations. All the packaging is plastic free, and the Eyes range comes in exquisite handmade stone jars. Trademarked as Luxador jars, they naturally protect the precious active ingredients within the formula, maintain the stability of the creams, and prevent UV damage that can compromise the potency of a skincare formula.

“We have received more than 21 international awards and acknowledgements,” says Virginia, “including ‘Best New Sustainable Brand’ at the Eluxe Awards, ‘Best New Design and Packaging’ at the Pure Beauty Awards and a ‘Butterfly Mark’ from Positive Luxury. I am truly humbled and grateful for this recognition.” There has been much interest from the US and Europe, and Virginia is seeking strategic partnerships and investment for her next steps.

Many big brands are waiting to see how the trend towards sustainability develops. Yet Virginia remains wedded to top quality. “It is the Michelin-starred chef approach,” she says. “It takes more time, knowledge and risk to lead change within an industry, but this is what I am built to do. Challenging the status quo ignites a fire within me.”