The beauty balancing act


Created for her own personal use, Jami Morse Heidegger’s luxury moisturisers are the runaway success story that launched Retrouvé skincare

“We want to make people’s skin look so good that make-up is an option, but not a necessity,” says Jami Morse Heidegger, co-founder – with her husband Klaus – of skincare brand Retrouvé. In fact, Jami never intended to market any of her formulations. The former Kiehl’s heiress created the products that became Retrouvé for herself when she turned 40 to stave off the visible signs of ageing. “I asked my chemist to create something really potent,” she says. “I had very high standards for performance. The products were only for myself, and I wanted them to be just right.” The result was a selection of intense, concentrated moisturisers packed with vitamins and antioxidants in highly absorbable formulae.

At the time, Jami considered herself retired. She and Klaus had sold Kiehl’s to L’Oréal, and Jami planned to be a full-time parent to her then young children. When people on her daughters’ equestrian circuit asked how her skin looked so youthful despite the extreme sun conditions, she gave them samples of her beauty potions. “The response was so enthusiastic that Klaus suggested we start a company to share these special preparations with the public,” says Jami.

And so Jami and Klaus Heidegger launched their unisex range in 2014. It now includes four facial moisturisers, a body oil, cleansing and exfoliating products, as well as a hand cream, all packaged in black glass containers with airless pumps, created under nitrogen to preserve the integrity of each formulation. Jami and Klaus have been incorporating into their preparations avocado from the family’s self-sustaining permaculture farm in California; plans are underway to include more of the fresh ingredients harvested there. “We use ingredients that nourish and replenish the skin – and no perfumes, dyes or synthetic fillers,” says Jami.

Retrouvé also uses advanced skincare technology to ensure that its powerful ingredients will be absorbed. “Above all, we seek to bring balance to the skin,” says Jami. “Ageing is inevitable, but our mission is to help people feel and look their best for as long as possible. Good skincare can make a difference not only now, but in the long term.”