The art of dress

Elegant Embroidery London

Elegant Embroidery London’s unique couture handwork on dresses and kaftans draws on global cultural influences and contemporary style

Elegant Embroidery London (ELE London) creates clothes that catch the eye but can be worn for almost every occasion. Relaxed and comfortable, they are perfect for wearing at home or outdoors, during the day or night. They use the finest natural materials and feature beautiful hand embroidery that is executed by some of Europe’s leading artisans.

“We work with cotton, silk and other beautiful natural fibres to create the unique embroidery,” says the founder, whose company is based in London. “I’ve taken inspiration for my designs from a number of different countries, so the style might be from India or the Middle East, but it can also be European with Irish embroidery.

“I look at all these different types of embroidery and try to bring them together to create a new style that is completely unique. My aspiration is to be seen as modern and contemporary.”

Using luxury cotton fabric supplied by Storrs London and silk-rayon velvets from Albert Guégain in Paris, the stunning floor-length creations bring together some of the finest artists and materials in Europe. The focus is on creating casual ready-to-wear clothes that are of the best quality.

Every piece features beautiful embroidery. The evening kaftans are designed by the founder, and the embroidery is designed and executed by Jenny King, an acclaimed UK-based artisan specialising in Irish embroidery. The velvet dress embroidery is by Albert Guégain, the French embroidery atelier, which has been trading for more than 60 years.

“The idea of Elegant Embroidery London (ELE London) is very simple,” says the founder. “It is to create casual and relaxed clothes that are beautifully embroidered and manufactured to the highest quality. These are clothes that can be worn at home or in the office or when shopping, and which are suitable for almost any occasion. They are also modest – that is another of my signatures.”

The company has an online shop and there are future plans to place stock in some of the leading stores in London, the US and the Middle East, as well as elsewhere in Europe.