Ina Beissner

It would be a stretch to say that Ina Beissner was destined to be one of the foremost jewellery designers of her age. But only just. Born in Peru and raised in Latin America, the German-Dominican designer was always surrounded by stylish necklaces, bracelets and rings.

“It’s part of the culture there,” Ina explains from her Berlin base. “Latin women love to get embellished. I used to get jewellery as presents from a very early age. So I had a nice little collection growing up.”

Ina clearly remembers her first piece of jewellery: a delicate necklace with an elegant apple pendant given to her by her godmother. She still has it, and the emotional aspect of jewellery inspires her. “I love the idea that a jewellery piece can last forever and can pass from one generation to another,” she says.

Having begun her career studying fashion at the ESMOD International Fashion Academy in Berlin, Ina opted to pursue jewellery at Milan’s prestigious Istituto Europeo di Design, before launching her eponymous label in 2010. Ina says that she likes the sculptural component of jewellery, which seems only natural, given that her mother is the renowned sculptural artist and painter, Altagracia Carrasco. Her heritage has also been important in shaping her work in more abstract ways. Ina believes that the dreamy aspects of her designs are drawn from her Latin American roots, while the more minimalistic, clean and simple lines come from her European cultural experiences.

Today, she concentrates firmly on fine jewellery made entirely in 18-carat gold. After becoming a mother, Ina began to move away from the fast and disposable world of fashion pieces to the timeless jewellery exemplified in her recent collections. “I wanted to slow it down and move away from creating more waste,” she reflects. “It was more about thinking responsibly and producing just one collection a year.” Emphasizing the art connection, her latest collection LUA is inspired by the experimental light installations of the acclaimed American artist James Turrell.

All Ina Beissner pieces are designed in her Berlin atelier and made to order in Antwerp, where Ina knows her diamonds are ethically sourced and adhere to the Kimberly Process. “Today’s generation care about everything they consume,” she says, “and that’s part of my philosophy. Now I just design stylish pieces that transcend fashion. Timeless pieces with a twist.”