Lavinie Switzerland

Edelweiss, the rare Alpine flower, is a key ingredient in the silky smooth hand cream made by Lavinie Switzerland

According to Swiss legend, edelweiss, that most beautiful of Alpine flowers, was picked on the dangerous mountain slopes by young men for their lovers below, to demonstrate their bravery and devotion. Today, the rich and remarkable properties of this rare white flower are found in a bottle of Lavinie hand cream, a product that epitomizes the unique nature and essence of the Swiss Alps.

“Lavinie is a Swiss company that has created a fabulously luxurious, unique and incredibly pure cream,” says Lavinie’s Director and co-founder Damian Zenklusen. “It contains active ingredients that feed the skin with nature’s nutrients to offer your skin deep nourishment, refreshment and long-lasting hydration, all delivered with a sensation of silky smooth luxury.”

The ingredients responsible for this include edelweiss, renowned the world over for its antioxidant and anti-ageing qualities, and the purest Swiss glacier water, which is rich in minerals. And there is also the Alpine rose. “This wonderful flower thrives at very high altitudes where it enjoys the purest of the sun’s rays,” says Damian. “It creates leaves that are full of the finest polyphenolic compounds that then protect, nurture and replenish the skin.”

The end result is a cream whose qualities are now enjoyed by many discerning individuals across the world. “Words alone cannot describe the quality and the feeling that our Lavinie hand creams offer,” says Damian. “Cashmere, silk and satin perhaps come closest to describing the feel, along with sensual. Our creams are now nourishing the hands of astute and discerning customers worldwide. Our customers are people who truly understand quality and who love the best that life can offer.”

Lavinie’s hand cream is available in selected stores in Switzerland, Hong Kong and China, with orders coming in from all over world online. That’s partly because no other company focuses so diligently on the needs of our hands, which are often left dry by constant handwashing.

Today, Lavinie remains dedicated to customers’ hands. “We have from the outset strived for perfection in this product, in this niche, and that remains our focus and dedication today,” says Damian. “This is where our unique knowledge and expertise lies, and this is what our customers love. Behind the scenes, we are perfecting some other creams and gels, but that is another story!”