Supernatural beauty


Inspired by the wisdom found within nature, natureofthings is a modern wellness house based on self-care from the outside in

The Roman poet and philosopher Lucretius composed a poem in the first century BC that included musings on Epicureanism, which centred around the belief that the best way to derive true pleasure from life was by eliminating fear and pain. Several centuries later, that poem – “De Rerum Natura” or “On the Nature of Things” – has become the founding philosophy of natureofthings, a company that creates purposeful wellness products. Using ingredients derived from nature, each product is carefully formulated to beautify the skin while reducing pain and sensitive skin conditions caused by inflammation.

“We are all about living confidently in your own skin,” says Jamie Leilani Pelayo, who founded natureofthings in Los Angeles in 2019 with her business partner, JP Collett. Thoughtfully conceived and exquisitely packaged, these initial products were divided into two rituals – Clarity and Recovery – each including a bath treatment and a topical and a digestible wellness elixir to target external signs of stress and alleviate pain and muscle aches. Sensual and alluring, they were designed to help customers develop a healthy self-care ritual to gain the myriad benefits of the elemental ingredients derived from plants, minerals, the sea and thermal water.

The brand was swiftly embraced by Harvey Nichols, Liberty and Browns. They admired its philosophy and branding, as well as the quality of the ingredients and the sustainable approach to packaging. More products have followed along more traditional beauty lines, with a foundational skincare collection for the face.

Jamie now envisions extensions of the brand that will build it into an immersive concept. “We feel this can be an incredible lifestyle brand and want to move beyond the bathtub and vanity where we currently sit,” she says. “We are looking at all those opportunities within the entire home where you are seeking to engage in rituals of self-care.

“Numerous people write to us monthly, especially after using our Recovery Ritual, to say how much it has helped relieve chronic pain and injuries. To have a well-received brand is one thing, but to help people feel better on a daily basis and to be more confident in their natural beauty, that is what really excites us.”