Bayz Audio

The state-of-the-art loudspeakers made by Bayz Audio ensure that every part of the room is the sweet spot

As an electrical engineer and accomplished pianist with a deep love of Bach, Zoltán Bay has always been fascinated by sound and a personal determination to create the best listening experience possible. For four decades, he made outstanding amplifiers, speakers and cables for individual clients in Hungary and Switzerland but he has now created what some experts believe are the best-sounding speakers in the world, the Bayz Audio Courante and Bayz Audio Counterpoint, centred round his own game-changing technology. “It’s like listening to live music,” he says. “You can walk in the room and everywhere is the sweet spot.”

Zoltán comes from a family of distinguished Hungarian engineers. His father designed microphones and amplification systems for cinemas, while his uncle was a pioneering physicist who recorded the first radar echoes from the moon and defined the metre as a unit of measurement based on the speed of light. Zoltán’s contribution to science is the Bay Radial Speaker, an omnidirectional tweeter at the heart of the Courante and Counterpoint, creating a unique sonic experience. Design is also important to Zoltán, and the speakers look spectacular, with no compromise in manufacture. “It is a very light speaker using the best material you can find, carbon fibre, built by F1 airplane racing designers,” he says. “Inside the cabinet it is aerodynamically designed so there are no external forces, they cancel each other. A lot of very heavy high-end speakers accumulate energy and that affects the sound. Ours does not do that.”

Bayz Audio speakers are made to order for the luxury market and can be customized according to individual taste. For the most exclusive customers, Zoltán will even visit the residence to ensure that the equipment is set up correctly. The speakers have won numerous accolades – from Mono&Stereo, Enjoy The Music, AV Showrooms and the Rocky Mountain International HiFi Press Awards – and are acclaimed by industry experts such as Mark Beach, a former president of the Association of Loudspeaker Manufacturing and Acoustics. “It’s a brand new technology and a leap forward in loudspeaker technology,” he says. “Zoltán has concentrated on creating a realistic representation of sound so that when you close your eyes you don’t hear two good loudspeakers, you think the musician is actually in the room with you. It’s an astounding experience and really emotional.”