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Sïku Glacier Ice Vodka

Melding ancient ice with modern innovation, Sïku Glacier Ice Vodka is as pure and unique as the glacial landscape it comes from

With most alcoholic drinks, ice is added to the glass at the point of serving, as the coup de grâce. With Sïku Glacier Ice Vodka, ice is at the heart of the process from the start.

Sïku founder Peggy Johnson had been based in Canada and working in the ice industry for years, when, in 2002, the opportunity arose to explore the possibility of creating a unique vodka using Greenlandic glacier ice, rather than water, as a main ingredient.

Sïku, meaning “ice” in the Greenlandic language, is an ultra-premium vodka uniquely blended with pristine, crystal-clear glacier ice that is up to 60,000 years old, from the Qalerallit Sermia glacier in the south of Greenland, an ancient and awe-inspiring testament to nature’s raw power and beauty.

The discerning vodka drinker knows that a good vodka has a distinct taste and can be enjoyed neat or enhanced by skilled mixologists. They might also know that the choice of raw materials and the source of water are crucial factors – water itself accounts for 60 per cent of the ingredients and plays a huge part in creating its taste. Glacier ice is a key differentiating feature that sets Sïku apart. Its exceptional, pure, unique spirit is partly a consequence of utilising this pristine glacier ice, formed from snow that fell to earth thousands of years ago, long before humans polluted the environment. The magnificence of this experience is carefully harnessed by the brand to create an ultra-premium, small batch-crafted vodka, exceptionally smooth in taste.

The route to the martini glass for Sïku Glacier Ice Vodka begins when “calved” glacier ice is harvested as it separates naturally from the glacier. Only a minute amount of glacier ice is harvested and does not accelerate or otherwise impact the reduction of polar ice caps and in no way affects the natural balance of the environment. The ice is then carefully crushed and bagged for shipment.

Next, in a Netherlands distillery, under the watchful eye of a master distiller, the glacier ice is combined with premium, non-GMO, gluten-free grain alcohol, which is distilled five times before use. Combined with the glacier ice, it results in an ultra-premium alcohol. Sïku’s proprietary ice-blending process creates the only vodka in the world that transforms pristine glacier ice and ultra-premium alcoholic spirits into vodka without ever becoming water. Using the brand’s exclusive blending process, the glacier ice and alcohol become liquid at –25C and an exceptionally smooth, world-class vodka is born. Finally, the premium spirit is bottled. A top North American brand-maker developed Sïku’s brand identity and packaging, creating a bottle that memorably and stylishly reflects the vodka and its philosophy.

Sïku Glacier Ice Vodka, with its unique, compelling heritage and exceptional taste, has collected numerous awards and accolades, including the prestigious Santé Award from Santé, the restaurant professionals’ magazine, and has been rated 9/10 by The Good Life magazine vodka connoisseurs. It has also established a presence in Canada, the US and Europe. “We receive emails from people from Brazil to Australia who have had the opportunity to enjoy Sïku, inquiring where or how they can purchase it,” says Peggy. “Everyone is impressed with the taste and smoothness.”

A new marketing and international distribution channel is in the process of being finalised for the next, global stage in Sïku’s journey. “We have an international team and an international outlook,” says Peggy, “and we are all very excited about the opportunities for Sïku Glacier Ice Vodka around the world.”