Shipshape luxury


Yacht.Vacations offers a range of bespoke boating holidays around the world, from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean

Yacht.Vacations was launched by three experts with deep experience in the yachting industry but who collectively felt there was something missing from all the other companies they had worked for – service. Sometimes it felt as if customers were being offered yachts simply because they were available rather than because they were the best fit for a client. There would often be additional fees buried in the small print that weren’t declared upfront. And frequently, little thought was being paid to supporting the particular interests of individual customers.

“We wanted to improve on what was on offer and create a bespoke service for people looking for luxury vacations,” explains yacht broker Nick Snow. “We can arrange everything from Amazonian river cruises to trips round the Outer Hebrides and will offer the same level of service to people, whether they are spending £2,000 per head or £200,000.”

Specialist knowledge has been key to the success of Yacht.Vacations. That’s knowledge of the hobbies and fascinations of clients; knowledge of the variety, condition and crew of boats available for charter; and knowledge of the places on the planet where customers will receive the most memorable experiences. Formed in March 2020, the company rapidly built a network of experts all over the globe who regularly attend boat shows, constantly remaining in close contact with crews and boat owners. Rather than relying on potentially out-of-date photographs of yachts, company bosses always see them in person to ensure they are in the best condition.

Matching the client with the perfect boat is one of the most important capabilities. Even when the company is supplying boats for experienced sailors, it chooses the safest yacht for each sailor’s level of skill. “What separates us from the other charter companies is they always want to sell the cheapest yacht or the most expensive,” says Nick. “But we go the extra mile to find the right boat, the one that is the perfect fit for their requirements. That is why customers come back to us and why we are already expanding our team to meet demand. We want to maintain those relationships in a way that clients feel is valuable to them.”

With this deep attention to exceptional service, the team at Yacht.Vacations has been able to explore an untapped market of clients who had never gone on a yachting holiday before but were now prepared to explore the possibilities presented by an ocean-bound vacation. “We are getting more people who have never been on a yacht before even though they could afford it,” says Nick. “That means we need to steer them through the options and find the boat and crew that makes the perfect match. It’s about creating a really special holiday and finding the perfect itinerary from the hundreds that are possible. So we find out whether the client likes golf, or history, or scuba diving or bird watching and then, using our local expertise, create the perfect itinerary for what that family or group desires. If you are going to an archipelago like the British Virgin Islands or Greece or the Balearics, there is no better way to discover these islands than on a boat. It’s your accommodation, your restaurant, your entertainment and every day you wake up to a beautiful sunrise in a different location.”