Shelf sufficiency


Levrack has taken industrial-level shelving technology and applied it to a stylish everyday storage solution

It was in 2016 that friends Ryan Stauffer and AJ Stauffer came up with the ingenious idea for Levrack’s sleek and space-saving storage system. The pair were in need of a solution for parts storage on Ryan’s family farm in Seward, Nebraska, and their innovative designs became the foundation for an entire business.

“Our background is in agriculture,” says Ryan, “so we wanted to build a storage solution that catered to that tough environment in which storage is key. It’s now evolved into meeting the needs of homeowners and all the stuff they have in their garages.”

By combining the best elements of industrial pallet racking with the concept of mobile aisle shelving, Levrack’s hanging shelving system maximizes space, ultimately tripling the amount of storage per square foot. These movable units are built to industrial standards and capable of taking the weight of up to three tons of goods. However, while they’re akin to the traditional mobile aisle systems that you might see in libraries, museums or other commercial settings, they’re designed with the needs of individuals rather than large institutions in mind. No matter how much you put on them, they’re always easy to roll.

“The concept had been around but it had never been available to the consumer,” says Ryan. “Our product is durable enough to be used by the military as well as satisfying your storage needs at home in your garage, so it can be used across the board. We set out to build a system that was simple and functional, but still looked like something you would be proud to own, and I think we accomplished that with Levrack.”

In addition to the groundbreaking practicality of its patented overhead trolley system, Levrack shelves are also incredibly stylish and even available in custom colours and dimensions. As such, the company has completely reinvented the aesthetics of the shelving-unit industry.

“We never dreamed that we’d be able to put a brand name or a quality mark on shelving,” says Ryan, “but that’s what we’ve been able to do because our products have such a well-designed look. As a result, they clean up any space – because they are subtle enough and neatly conceal so much regular stuff you may have in your home, while adding a sense of cleanliness to your living space.”