Science not miracles

QMS Medicosmetics

Skincare specialist QMS Medicosmetics delivers anti-ageing products that are clinically proven to restore skin, regardless of age, colour or gender

Immaculate skin is the Holy Grail of skincare. Supporting its clients on this quest is QMS Medicosmetics, a leader in medical-grade luxury cosmetics. Founded by Dr Erich Schulte in Germany in 1994, QMS Medicosmetics does things differently. It features natural, soluble bovine collagens, first used by Dr Schulte in trauma treatment, as the basis for a high-end, high-performance and clinically proven skincare regime. The collagen in QMS products and spa treatments is the only one to offer a 97 per cent skin-identical DNA match with human collagen. Combined with hyaluronic acid in QMS products, it counteracts the causes of skin ageing, enhancing the skin’s own natural anti-ageing ingredients, as the body’s own production of these declines over time.

“It has maximum elasticity, hydration and regenerative capacity,” says Elena Fandrich, QMS Marketing Director (pictured opposite, top left). “It grants a blissful beauty boost with a long-term effect at any stage of life.” Clinical studies have shown that, within 12 weeks, QMS’s cornerstone three-step treatment routine, devised by Dr Schulte, increases skin elasticity and firmness by 28 per cent, and hydration by 264 per cent. As Elena says, “We focus on the ultimate in luxury skin treatment for people who need to look good and feel well, but don’t have endless time to invest.”

Another difference from other beauty brands is that QMS uses real people – namely its board members – to showcase products, even photographing these men and women of varying ages as models for a recent advertising campaign. “The management team is part of the QMS target group,” says Elena, “so it makes sense that we are our own brand ambassadors, along with our QMS Academy of Experts – scientists, physicians and beauty experts who, since Dr Schulte’s retirement, innovate and refine our products to ensure QMS is an ever-improving premium experience. It is all part of our drive to be authentic, transparent and diverse.”

Diversity and inclusion play a big role at QMS, just as its products are designed to be used regardless of age, gender or skin colour. “From product to people, we live diversity at QMS; it is not just a marketing tool,” says Steve Byrom-Chadd, Finance Director (opposite, top right). “It’s why we have more women in leadership positions. Differences in age, origin and gender are prized, not disrespected.”

QMS Medicosmetics is committed to making as few compromises in sustainability as it does in skincare and diversity. This is why, going forward, the brand will follow the principle of “reduce, reuse, recycle” in research and development, production and packaging. “By 2023, QMS wants to have achieved milestones including carbon-neutral production and more glass packaging rather than plastic, and only to use recycled plastic,” says Viktoria Deobald, QMS Operations Director (opposite, below).

Experienced QMS therapists are available for hands-on or virtual consultations in more than 700 top spas and cosmetics studios around the world, including Burj Al Arab in Dubai, Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, Ellerman House in Cape Town and Anassa Hotel in Cyprus. Furthermore, QMS has won World’s Best Spa Brand three times at the World Spas Awards. Being a German medical brand is a very strong selling point. It is why QMS Medicosmetics are used by Oscar-winning actresses, have a global footprint and why the brand is able to partner with luxury hotels and spas. The products allow perfectionists to move into the fast lane to ageless beauty, to see, feel and enjoy the difference.