Lengling Munich

Lengling Munich creates nine signature perfumes, each of which tells a unique and compelling story

“I believe perfume is the outfit for your soul,” says Ursula Lengling, the founder and creative director behind luxury perfume brand Lengling Munich. “It is so personal, so meaningful.”

Ursula had always loved fragrances before she met her husband, co-founder and CEO Christian Lengling. Luckily, Christian had grown up surrounded by perfume as his father worked in the beauty industry. “When Ursula and I met as students,” he says, “we dreamed about establishing our own company together; something that combined her creative talents with my business nous. There were no famous perfume houses in Munich, so we decided to create our own brand of luxury, handmade perfumes.”

In the summer of 2015, the couple launched their first collection of seven perfumes, each with its own character profile. Two years later they added an eighth, Apéro; and in 2018 they launched No.9, Wunderwind, inspired by a holiday in Italy. They managed to capture the elusive Italian aroma of sweet pine trees mingled with sea breeze so successfully that Wunderwind took home the most important German perfume award, Dufstars, that same year.

“Each of our perfumes is inspired by a true story; by intensely private and meaningful moments in our lives,” says Ursula, whose desire to capture a particular emotion or memory always fires up her creative process. The challenge, as she describes it, is to translate those feelings into scent in an authentic way.

Each perfume is based on two contrasting notes: “leng” and “ling”. For example No.7, Sekushi, combines dark leather with sweet fruit and candyfloss, while No.3, Acqua Tempesta, mingles forbidding, smoky notes with fresh, aquatic ones. “These combinations are surprising,” Ursula admits, “but they are perfectly balanced and complement each other uniquely.”

Every Lengling detail is exquisite. The boxes are made with paper from a small Bavarian factory so exclusive it supplies the envelopes for the Oscars. The bottle is fire-polished and crowned with a silver cap inspired by an exceptionally smooth pebble that Christian found on the banks of the Isar river.

“We wanted to create a complete work of art,” says Christian, “where every single element is handmade, using the best ingredients and materials in the world.”