Hawk Yachts

The words “affordable” and “superyacht” are rarely seen in the same sentence, but Hawk Yachts has ambitions to change that way of thinking. The company was founded in the recognition that there were high levels of wasted spending in the superyacht-building industry, and that is something they are looking to eradicate with boats such as Hawk’s new 68-metre Hawk Ranger expedition yacht.

“The luxury yacht industry has become too expensive and people are no longer seeing any value in owning a yacht,” explains Nick Lockett, Chief Operating Officer of a company founded by former yacht captain and ice master Matthias Bosse. “But only 2.4 per cent of those who could afford a yacht actually have one, so there’s still a huge number of people who could afford a yacht, but are put off by the costs. We have developed yachts that provide investment opportunities. They are for a new generation of wealthy people who are less interested in showing off assets, and more concerned about getting value for money and assimilating unique experiences.”

Hawk Yachts tackles the value problem in two ways. Firstly, it reduces costs in the initial build by going through commercial boatyards and designing boats with a high quality but more standard-sized finishes. “That can save a lot of money while providing the same level of luxury,” says Nick. “We drive the waste out by being sensible. The design is pure superyacht and we are still using the best quality material, so the end product is highly luxurious but more practical.”

The second element is to make the yacht more adaptable, so it is suitable for almost any environment rather than just pootling round the Med. The yacht can then be taken further afield and even be chartered for luxury holidays. “There is a great demand for expeditions and adventurous luxurious holidays,” says Nick. “People want to gain experiences with their money rather than simply acquire assets, so we are designing yachts that have that capability. That opens up a whole new charter possibility. Our new yacht has a 6,500-mile range and has the functionality for extreme environments, and it costs half the price and is easier to maintain.”

Low-cost build, increased range and better functionality will make Hawk Yachts more usable, either for the owners or for those looking to charter a yacht for that once-in-a-lifetime trip to the polar regions or up the Amazon. To make life even easier for owners, Hawk Yachts can manage the running of the yacht after purchase, taking care of all the details as though it were a business concern.

“We have a network that will run the yacht for you,” says Nick. “We have the capability of doing the maintenance, finding the crew, arranging the chartering, organizing resale and planning itineraries. We offer the client a one-stop, no-hassle situation.”

The end result is yachts that are just as luxurious but more usable and – yes – affordable. “What we really want to do is encourage the people who don’t currently have yachts to get one, to see the potential in them for investment and also for taking their families on real experiences that will create memories that last for the rest of their life,” says Nick. “With the Hawk Ranger owners will be able to reach extraordinary places you couldn’t get to in any other way.”