Heritage Line

Heritage Line believes that every one of its river-cruising vessels has a spirit and a story to tell. These boats, which travel the waterways of Southeast Asia, have all been evocatively named, with subtitles like “The Jahan: Crafting a Romantic Tale”, “Ylang: The Sensuous Belle” and “Anawrahta: A Fateful Sage”. These help set the tone for a really memorable experience.

“We are more than a cruise company,” says Andreas Schroetter, Director of Sales and Marketing. “We design our boats ourselves, sourcing the furniture and materials to create our exceptional collection of vessels. Every boat has its own spirit and its own story. We build ships with a soul, so people feel as if they are travelling back in time when they enter our properties. That leaves a mark.”

The company was established in 2009 and now organizes river cruises in Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar along the gorgeous and historically rich Mekong River, Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay and the Ayeyarwady and Chindwin rivers. “We create the ideal balance between cruising time and land experience,” says Andreas, who reveals that the company is also planning to extend cruises into Laos in 2020. “We want to make sure people have memorable experiences and feel that they are the first people to discover a destination. A rarely visited local village; a barbecue or cocktail event on a sandbank; a lecture on local history: these are tailor-made experiences that create a very special memory.”

As well as carefully curating tours and designing eye-catching boats, Heritage Line focuses on the fine detail. Boats are relatively small – the smallest has only six suites and the largest fewer than 30 rooms – allowing staff to understand and support the needs of every passenger and identify each person by name. It also means that the boats can be distinctive in design and construction, with the accommodation themed along historical lines and offering unmatched attention to design and luxury.

“Nobody else offers this mix of heritage and design and service,” says Andreas. “We try to live and merge with the river, to offer a unique experience for our guests, something that they will remember their whole life.”