“I love to dress celebrities,” says Sonia Carapezzi. “For me they are modern-day goddesses. I wanted to create a fashion brand that is truly aspirational so I came up with Hysideis studded leather jackets for women and men, so everyone can be a rock star and express the best of themselves.”

Hysideis brings together Sonia’s varied and vivid inspirations, principal among them being the goddess Isis, who, for her, symbolizes a link to a world of fantasy, history and love. “For the first time in history, a goddess can become a rock chick,” she says.

She also filters the bustle of New York, the bright lights of Las Vegas, Nordic ice, the warmth of the Orient, French sensuality and British punk into her creations. Hysideis jackets are not for the faint-hearted, yet Sonia is convinced of their transformative effects. “I know that sometimes people are a little scared about putting one on for the first time – perhaps they think there are too many studs – but once you are wearing one, you feel like a rock star. You feel fantastic.”

Every jacket is 100 per cent made in Italy: with her next collection, each jacket will have a label of certification guaranteeing that it was entirely sourced and made there. Sonia uses a variety of hides from specialist tanneries in Tuscany and has close control over how each hide is treated. Lambskin, for example, might be laminated with a metallic film, others are dyed to create the dramatic, shimmering metallic red used in the Sonia jacket, embellished all over with metallic black studs.

Black is the classic colour of Sonia’s jackets, the soft leather tailored into a tight-waisted silhouette. “I like my jackets to feel like a second skin,” she says. However it is treated, the leather in a Hysideis jacket has to be both supple enough to move with the body and strong enough to support the studs.

The distinctive stud-work, covering jacket lapels and blocked in bands down the arms, requires precision manufacturing. Sonia’s designer provides garment sketches that are transformed into 3D visualizations. Once the leather has been laser-cut, the placement of the studs can be mapped over the leather. Hysideis buys the highest-quality, multi-shaped chrome, gold-effect and black studs. “Studs can lose their colour with wear,” says Sonia, “so I only buy from one supplier in Italy. I am only interested in making a very beautiful product.”

In addition to the core collections for men and women, Sonia works with celebrities to customize jackets especially for them and plans in the future to add a personalization option to her online sales. Forthcoming collections will also include accessories in the same bold, studded style. “I am not aiming to define a total look,” says Sonia, “but to introduce accessories that you can mix and match.”

Hysideis was only founded in 2016, but has quickly expanded from its original outlets in Milan and Rome to include shops in Miami, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. “We are also moving into Russia and China and are joining a luxury showroom on Via della Spiga in Milan,” says Sonia. She continues to work with celebrities: current fans include Paris Hilton, Kelis, Faith Evans, male model Andrea Denver and Stash, lead singer of The Kolors, while Sonia’s dream is to dress Madonna and Lady Gaga. Her new collection will have some surprise embellishments. Hysideis’s brand of assertive, sexy dressing has found its audience, with customers worldwide ready to unleash their inner goddess.