German furnishing company Brinkhaus sells high-quality mattresses, duvets, pillows and beds to provide the perfect night’s sleep

“We try to seduce our customers with our products,” says Rafael Torres, export director of Brinkhaus. “And it works; we create very lightweight items, with the finest casings and fillings, that result in really timeless, quality bedding.”

Brinkhaus has been a leading brand in luxury furnishings since 1847, when it was founded by Joe Brinkhaus in Germany. The company remained in the family for six generations, until it was bought by the Euro Comfort Group in 2011. It continued to grow and is now sold in more than 40 countries around the world. “There are very few other companies that can say that they’re stocked in Harrods in London, Bloomingdale’s in Dubai, Printemps in Paris and Lane Crawford in Hong Kong,” says Rafael.

Brinkhaus is well-known for its duvets, pillows, mattresses and box-spring beds – classic, timeless products that are designed to be long-lasting and provide a healthy night’s sleep. “We don’t sell ‘fashion’ goods, but instead try to focus on the idea that form follows function,” says Rafael. “We try to create a consistent design: for example duvets with moderate changes such as squared edges, or our dual construction, which are two individual quilts sewn together. I am a big fan of our superb, newly developed Chateau duvet, which comes with a very soft argan oil finish and striking white and gold piping.”

One of the things the company prides itself on most is being sustainable and supporting animal rights. Brinkhaus’s brand-new factory, built in the Polish town of Kostryn, was specifically launched in 2017 to be free of carbon emissions. Unlike the majority of manufacturers, Brinkhaus buys and washes its own raw material, which means it can guarantee quality in a way that those who buy from third parties cannot.

“We know exactly where our products come from, down to the last farm,” says Rafael. “We also feel strongly about animal welfare, and introduced a down pass certificate for our products two years ago. This shows that we only use ethically sourced duck and goose feathers, and that we are actively against the live-plucking and force feeding of animals.”

Sustainability is also a big part of the company’s ethos. Brinkhaus has been using fibres from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles for some years, but in 2020 it is introducing a new synthetic programme that uses fibres from ocean waste plastic. “The quality is similar to a normal fibre,” says Rafael, explaining that it is also being used by brands such as Mercedes for the inner furnishings of cars. “It’s a contribution we’re making, to help reduce ocean waste. We’re among the first movers in our industry doing this, but other sectors are doing the same, and we believe this trend will continue to increase in the future.”

The funding of new research and working to develop increasingly modern products notwithstanding, Brinkhaus’s top priority is the same as it has been for the past 172 years. “A brand always offers a promise, and we always try to keep up with the promise,” says Rafael. “Ours is to create reliable, classy and quality products that help you have a good and healthy sleep. Our customers appreciate good quality; they like tradition, and for this reason, we try to provide long- lasting, functional products. That’s always going to be our top goal.”