The Kusnacht Practice

Discreet, professional and dedicated to the highest levels of care and support, there are many things that set The Kusnacht Practice apart from its peers. The luxury clinic in Switzerland offers unprecedented confidentiality for its clients who may be suffering from addiction, eating or mental disorders, anxiety or burnout. By employing an expert and extensive team of doctors, clinicians and therapists each client’s treatment programme can be highly tailored.

“We treat body, mind and soul, using a holistic, 360-degree approach to address the underlying causes of an issue,” says CEO Eduardo Greghi. “Many other clinics simply offer group therapy, whereas our clients have between six and eight private one-to-one sessions every single day. This is very effective. If the client requires the most advanced neurostimulation techniques, or traditional medicine such as acupuncture, or innovative outdoor exposure therapy, including equine therapy, that is what they will get. Our team always goes the extra mile to ensure that a client leaves the practice having acquired a positive and long-lasting shift in their mental and physical wellbeing. We are determined to improve people’s lives.”

The Kusnacht Practice treats only five clients at any time, each residing in a luxurious private villa. On arrival, a client first undergoes an extensive medical check-up that takes place within the practice’s medical department, Double Check, which occupies an entire floor of the clinic. From this, a comprehensive report is produced which dictates the biomolecular restoration therapy to rebalance the client’s body and brain chemistry.

To support this protocol, each client is assigned a private chef who takes guidance from the medical team to ensure that their diet plan contains the necessary nutrients to aid their treatment. As a result of the refined diet and exercise enjoyed during this rejuvenating programme, clients often lose weight and leave with healthier hair and skin; feeling and looking years younger. Also, throughout their residential treatment programme, clients are supported by a live-in counsellor, matched to their unique profile, who lives in the villa with them.

After a client has been discharged from residential treatment the support continues, sometimes for many years. Often the live-in counsellor or a therapist will return home with them to help them maintain their newly acquired coping skills. The client’s family or staff might receive training to support new healthy practices, particularly regarding diet, exercise and family dynamics. “We have a team of dedicated psychologists whose main work starts when the client leaves,” says Eduardo of the practice’s extensive aftercare programme. “Often there are triggers for clients returning to their old surroundings, and it can be challenging for them. We help with that and make their recovery sustainable.”

The Kusnacht Practice does not only care for people who are recovering from addiction or mental disorders. Treatment is also provided for those who simply need to recuperate or avoid burn-out.

Eduardo likens this to the fine-tuning of a classic car. “We get the smartest people in the world through our doors,” he says. “They are intelligent and in a position to influence thousands of people. We turn them into the best versions of themselves. We improve their confidence for public appearances and help them improve their work–life balance. We strengthen them, prepare them, and put them on the winning track.”