Textron Aviation

From its base in Wichita, Kansas, Textron Aviation is creating private aircraft to fulfil the needs of its elite customers

“You’ve trusted our team to deliver premier aircraft since the 1920s,” says Christi Tannahill, Textron Aviation’s Senior Vice President of Customer Experience. “Our mission is to empower our collective talent to design and deliver the best aviation experience for our customers. Whether they are an international jet-setting CEO requiring superior comfort and speed, an owner and operator craving efficiency and flexibility, or a new pilot learning to fly, we set out to inspire their journey of flight and exceed their expectations.”

Textron Aviation knows each mission is unique, which is why its designers, manufacturers and engineers are expanding the company’s family of aircraft. From special-mission corporate jets to private-use amphibious planes for island homes, the scope of customizable options allows customers to tap into an industry full of personal and professional solutions. The company’s reputation for diversity and excellence is embedded in a time-honoured commitment to the customer, while its design and engineering processes are invigorated by a relentless pursuit of cutting-edge technologies and bespoke design.

“All of our designs begin with our customers,” says Christi. “We listen and learn from them regarding how they are operating aircraft, which new technologies they would like to explore, and what materials they prefer. The comfort, efficiency and productivity of our customers’ experiences is always top of mind.”

That focus is revealed in fine details of newly developed aircraft, including the latest jet in the coveted Citation line, the Citation Longitude. While designers tapped into their deep experience of quality and luxury, they also stood firm on elements that go beyond function and appearance – customer experience. Evidence can be found in the Longitude, boasting one of the quietest cabins in the industry. “The cabin’s atmospheric conditions are something we take very seriously,” says Christi. “We strive to create a high-pressure environment which is low noise and low vibration, with the best quality lighting and air filters, so passengers feel fresh when they arrive at their destination.”

Textron Aviation is consistently reaching higher to adhere to customers’ desires, while adapting to an evolving global landscape. “Our business is very much customer-led,” says Christi, with pride. “It’s what drives us and keeps our industry invigorated and efficient.”