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Arnold Investments

With bases around Europe, Austrian firm Arnold Investments has become the prime brokerage for anyone wishing to invest in European property

Markus Arnold, founder and owner of the Austrian property investment brokers Arnold Investments, understands that the one thing his clients don’t have is time. This is why his property investment brokerage makes things as simple as possible for wealthy investors, a factor that has seen him sell more than 700 properties since the company was founded in Vienna in 2009. “We do all the due diligence for our clients so that they can be sure they won’t waste any time when they decide to buy,” says Markus. “That is one of the things that separates us from everybody else. We know that our clients are busy people, so we make things as simple as possible for them.”

Markus already had considerable experience of the real-estate market when he set up Arnold Immobilien (meaning “property”), initially focusing on all property asset classes in Vienna (the company is now the market leader in the Austrian apartment investment world). He then expanded into eastern Europe, opening offices in Prague, Bratislava and Budapest, before moving into Berlin, then southern Europe with offices in Madrid and Milan. He opened an office in Lisbon in 2021 and further offices in northern Europe, in Amsterdam and Stockholm, in 2022 as part of an expansion to confirm the company as the leading real-estate investment broker in Europe: internationally connected but regionally established, independent and owner-managed.

The company seeks to provide stable and secure investment opportunities for the long term. “We work largely with ‘family offices’, which means we advise wealthy private individuals who aren’t motivated by the urge to make money but who do want to keep it,” explains Markus. “We are here for investors who want to spread their portfolio as more diversity means more security. It’s the total opposite of making short-term gains. We are thinking of the next few generations, looking 50 years ahead, and taking that very long-term investment strategy.”

Arnold Investments offers these clients local knowledge and regional analysis of each country’s unique but interconnected real-estate market. Whether dealing with apartment buildings, plots of land or commercial properties, the experts at Arnold Investments are able to deal with properties in all asset classes with a wide range of transaction volumes. They analyse the fundamental data – location, property use, tenant structure, building condition, development potential, ground-plan optimisation, urban planning future, future zoning plans and the neighbourhood – to achieve optimum prices. The company professionalises this complex process and puts it in a unique workstream that it calls “the dynamic property evaluation”.

“We have a huge property portfolio and investors network that we can access if somebody wants to make an investment,” says Markus. “From this portfolio we can search for the right investment for the right investor. If we know some of our sellers have other properties that fulfil the criteria, we will actively bring the seller and our client together to work together.”

With offices in several European countries already established, Markus intends to continue the company’s ownership of the Continent. “We want to be a European broker with offices in all the European Union capital cities,” he says. “And we also want to open an office in London to build that bridge to Britain. All of our competitors are Anglo-Saxon – so we want to be the number one European broker, with a presence in more than 20 countries, presenting investment opportunities across the Continent.”