Private skies

Challenge Jet Charter

By providing passengers with more choice of aircraft, bespoke customer service and transparent pricing, Challenge Jet Charter is flying high

Private aviation once relied on time-poor executives and camera-shy celebrities for business. Entrepreneur Ion Vrabie, founder and CEO of Challenge Jet Charter, knows that in a growing market, offering swift and simple reservations, personalised luxury, no hidden costs and absolute discretion are essential. “Establishing trust with a client always starts with respecting their privacy,” he says.

Having worked with leading charter firms himself, Ion founded Challenge Jet Charter in 2017, “as a challenge to myself, to do things my way and to do them better,” he says. Central to this is providing each client with a personal flight manager, their point of contact from initial enquiry to completed journey. “A flight manager monitors the flight schedule from beginning to end, taking care of catering, ground or helicopter transfers, weather checks and liaising with other parties to ensure the schedule runs smoothly.”

The aim is for simplicity, making luxury travel accessible and practical, whether for a business, an individual or a family. “Sometimes it isn’t convenient for a client to send an email. They just want to send a quick WhatsApp message, nothing fancy,” says Ion. “We always deliver the service.”

Challenge Jet Charter has access to a worldwide fleet of short- and long-range jets, and offers a range of handpicked and certified aircraft to each client to best match their requirements. “We specialise in providing bespoke services, so we show real pictures of each aircraft, not generic images, so the client gets what they expected.”

As part of its service, the company offers limousine or helicopter transfers, VIP lounge access and VIP catering options, while special requirements can include organising on-board flowers, guest treats – even space for pets. “We keep our quotes free of hidden fees,” says Ion, “always informing clients of any extra charges, so the booking process is simple and stress-free.”

Challenge Jet Charter is a member of the Air Charter Association, the leading professional air-charter body, which Ion sees as vital to best practice and a forum for improving standards. “Our company lives and breathes private jets and we have so many ideas for improvement, both in-house and in the wider business-aviation sector.” Meantime, Challenge Jet Charter’s discreet operation, simplified reservations and bespoke services are propelling the company sky-high.