Prime Gourmet

You don’t have to be a Michelin-starred chef to enjoy the high-quality, all-natural beef sold by Prime Gourmet

“I was once a banker,” says Dariush Rakhshani, with a smile. “Then I became a meat lover.” Dariush pioneered the import of the world’s premium cuts of meat into the Middle East, initially for Dubai’s best restaurants to perform their culinary magic. Then he opened his own Prime Gourmet shops to provide these same quality cuts to people’s homes. “I started supplying meat for top chefs,” he says. “Everything from Japanese A5 wagyu from Saroma, Hokkaido to Australian Stockyard beef, produced by a 63-year-old family farm in Queensland. Now, with Prime Gourmet we sell to private customers that look for extraordinary quality for their home cooking. Our beef consistently wins a lot of gold medals and it is used by famous chefs across the globe. It is the ultimate. It’s the crème-de-la-crème of the red meat industry.”

It is not a simple butcher’s shop. Prime Gourmet’s shops are traditional, classically styled butcheries with elegant décor, located near some of Dubai’s most bustling neighbourhoods. “Our staff have the expertise to advise customers on the best cuts, helping home chefs bring fine dining to their own homes,” says Dariush. “We can offer them unique meat products and delicacies that are usually only available to professional chefs.” Prime Gourmet’s meat is sourced mainly from Australia, Japan, New Zealand and the Netherlands, and all of it is natural – free from artificial additives, antibiotics or hormones. “In the high-end niche market, people care about nutrition but they also want to eat well,” he explains. “You can live well if you eat well.

For Dariush, a love of good products is a lifestyle choice that is open to more and more people. “People who like luxury cars also like to drink good wine with a beautiful piece of steak,” he says. “We have a huge distribution network within the food service industry.”

Prime Gourmet is a homegrown concept that curates a select collection of the best meats, accompaniments and cooking accoutrements for Dubai’s discerning public. In its four elegant branches customers can indulge in sought-after deli items – prime cuts, marinated meats, fresh truffles, caviar, cheeses and condiments – alongside cooking accessories imported from around the world, including Japanese knives. “Our shops have become a one-stop boutique for gourmets,” says Dariush. “I believe it won’t be long before we expand Prime Gourmet beyond the United Arab Emirates.”