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L’Atelier Paris Haute Design

L’Atelier Paris Haute Design reveals the crucial ingredients for designing a kitchen that goes beyond perfect function and elegance

The timeless adage that home is where the heart is remains as true as it ever was. And most people know that the heart of a home is the kitchen. It’s a setting where families come together, where parents teach their children how to cook, and a place to store and prepare the food we need to keep us happy and healthy. That’s something L’Atelier Paris Haute Design knows all too well, and as such the company strives to provide the bespoke kitchen of your dreams; a space that can transform your property into the home you’ve always wanted.

Founded in the French capital in the early 19th century, L’Atelier Paris Haute Design was acquired by CEO Ricardo Moraes in 2019. “We are bringing this brand that began in the 1830s back to its glory,” he says. “I always loved entertaining, and our projects are unique and customized for people who are passionate about cooking. We start with the floor plan and work with the person or chef who uses the kitchen, exploring what they need it for – whether that’s meals for 200 people or intimate dinners.”

What makes the company’s luxurious and sophisticated kitchens truly stand out is not just how they bring cuisine to life, but the amount of control and input the customer has in the kitchen’s design. They are 100 per cent bespoke, so wherever you live and whatever space you’re looking to turn into the heart of your home, you know that it’s going to be the only one like that in the world.

“Everything we do is custom,” explains Ricardo, “and that is what makes us so unique. The customer is the one driving the design and all their wishes can be fulfilled with our line, from the actual cooking range configuration to colour, and anything in between.”

L’Atelier combines the heritage and grandeur of the original company with modern practicality. Suitable, according to Ricardo, for either a Michelin-starred restaurant or your home, the company’s impressive kitchens are designed not just to be used and enjoyed, but also marvelled at. They are, without a doubt, works of art – albeit creations that become essential elements of clients’ day-to-day lives.

Given how splendid and magnificent these designs are, it may be surprising to learn that it doesn’t take that long to make your most lavish dream kitchen a reality. “From the moment we get the order signed to the day the kitchen is installed, it takes about 14 to 16 weeks,” says Ricardo.

You then, of course, have the rest of your life to enjoy it. Satisfied clients (and their dinner guests) are in awe of the joy and pleasure L’Atelier kitchens provide. Designed for what Ricardo describes as “food lovers, avid cooks and people with full-time chefs, as well as people who appreciate style, quality and beauty”, the allure of L’Atelier kitchens has seen the company grow at an exponential rate, and on an international level.

“Since relaunching the brand last year, our focus for the past has been on this process of rebirth,” says Ricardo. “We are now fully operational with our three US showrooms up and running in Miami, New York and Los Angeles.” With further locations opening in London and Paris in autumn, L’Atelier is set to bring elegance, ergonomics and real heart to many more homes.