Al Zain Jewellery

With boutiques across Bahrain, the UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, Al Zain Jewellery has changed dramatically since its humble beginnings as a pearl-trading business. Yet in essence, very little has altered.

“Our success is built upon the rich traditional Arabian heritage of the brand and its meticulous attention to detail and overall quality and craftsmanship of our products,” says CEO Theo Swart. “In that respect, nothing has changed since grandfather Abdulla Al Zain opened his first shop in 1930. We’re now in our third generation, and our vision is to reach a wider local and international audience through our growing network of luxury boutiques and our successful online website.”

Al Zain has many loyal older clients but it directs its focus to the next generation of consumers. Its Trends collection, launched in 2017, has captured the attention of millennials with phenomenal success, selling out across boutiques and online in just two days.

The company’s contemporary take on traditional design elements includes the Al Merriyah collection. Inspired by the dates of the palm tree and a deeply ingrained element in the Arabic culture, it birthed an ever-expanding collection, including short and long necklaces, chokers, long earrings, studs, bracelets, bangles and rings. “We set new records in unit sales and managed to upgrade the production plant which we still manage to this day in order to control quality and demand,” says Theo. “Today we launch new designs each month to feed the seemingly insatiable appetite of young and old alike.”

In November 2017 at the International Jewellery Arabia Show in Bahrain, Al Zain took a step further and launched the mesmerizing and stunningly crafted Cascade of Dreams. Laced with a jaw-dropping 1,970 Bahraini natural pearls, eight rare Colombian emeralds and a staggering 12,826 diamonds, it is a true object of pristine mastery and opulence. “It’s called the Cascade of Dreams because one is transported to a waterfall filled with dazzling diamonds and pearls that seems to cascade into an endless pool of green emerald waters,” says Theo.

Cascade of Dreams was followed by a second launch in November 2018, this time a traditional Arabian 21-carat gold set named Sarmad (meaning “eternal”). This magnificent set is made up of 11 individual pieces. The stunning headpiece Gubgub, a precious choker Mert’asha, a long and very striking necklace Mertahish, a richly embellished belt Hezam, two precious cuffs called Chaff, two dazzling bangles called Banjari, and three individual pearl-and-precious-stone earring sets to choose from, called Tarachi. Each of the 11 pieces is generously laced with natural Bahraini pearls, and lavishly embellished with precious natural rubies and emeralds. In total, Sarmad is laced with a staggering 13,411 certified natural Bahraini pearls, 320 certified emeralds and 233 certified rubies, crafted from 21-carat gold.

Al Zain to this day remains a family-owned jeweller offering everyday wear to dazzling wedding sets and bespoke pieces. It still manufactures all its products in a Bahrain factory, with each piece still made by hand and using only natural stones and pearls. Obeying the highest standards, it serves customers all over the world and creates one-of-a-kind pieces for the most discerning of tastes, no matter their budget.