Villa Magna

Visually defined by its clean architectural lines and sleek, contemporary design, Villa Magna in Madrid is also steeped in history. “This was the location of the magnificent Anglada Palace,” says Laura del Pozo, Director of Public Relations and Communications at Villa Magna. “There were many beautiful, historic palaces in this quarter, but this residence in particular was renowned for hosting high-society parties – it was  a favourite with the aristocracy.”

This legacy has continued. Located on the prestigious Paseo de la Castellana, this exclusive 1970s-designed hotel is a palace of modern luxury and classic elegance. With its pinkish grey marble-and-glass facade, Villa Magna has maintained this glamorous reputation as a meeting place of the social elite.

“We are located in the heart of the sophisticated Salamanca neighbourhood,” says Laura, “which is known as the Golden Mile because it is the most exclusive area of the city. The hotel itself provides a real oasis among so many luxury boutiques.” Elements of the original palace gardens – including a beautiful fountain surrounded by large, leafy trees – create a real sense of privacy for guests.

Following renovations by designer Thomas Urquijo, the interior decor is fresh and modern, with subtle accents of the old palace. Villa Magna’s beautiful bedrooms combine antique bedside tables and heritage wardrobes with elegant, contemporary shades of grey-green and light brown.

“Each room is exquisite and unique in its design,” says Laura, “but by far the most palatial is our Real Suite, which is the largest in all Madrid.” Occupying a staggering 290 square metres, this majestic suite comprises an entrance hall, dining room, kitchen, office, Turkish bath, private gym, ensuite bedrooms and a living room complete with grand piano, as well as a terrace that offers aerial views of the grand Paseo de la Castellana.

Guests looking for some serious relaxation time can indulge in an authentic traditional hammam experience at The Spa. This elegant new space blends travertine marble with mongoy wood to create a modern, serene setting in which to unwind. “Everything is possible at Villa Magna, from cruising around Madrid in a Bentley to relaxing in a heavenly hammam,” says Laura. “Anything to create a unique and unforgettable experience for our guests.”