Garden Living

Garden Living is transforming the way in which we socialize outside with a collection of superlative garden products that have become true objects of desire

“We want to encourage healthy outdoor living and to make people start looking at their outside spaces in a different way,” says Chris Kennedy, founder of the luxury exterior design retailer, Garden Living. “A lot of people might use an interior designer but not many show as much love to their outside spaces. We know that the better an outside space looks and feels, the more people will be out there socialising, entertaining or just enjoying it with the family.”

Garden Living is a family business based in the UK and France, and operates worldwide. It offers artistic modular furniture to add a splash of poolside panache, flamboyant decorative pots to revitalize difficult spaces, and cutting edge designer lamps – including hanging lamps, table lamps and lamps that float beguilingly across a swimming pool or ornamental pond.

Along with his co-owner Richard Green, Chris spent a lot of time in the south of France researching outdoor life. “People on the Mediterranean are brilliant at making the best of the outdoors,” he says. Garden Living has positioned itself as a comprehensive exterior design retailer for both the home and commercial markets, selling exclusive, mainly French-sourced products. “Whether it’s a head-turning feature lamp called Penelope, or the latest thing in designer sit-around barbecues, we offer products to make socialising outdoors a year-round joy,” says Chris.

Selling innovative and elegant outdoor products from Europe’s top design houses, Garden Living’s mission is to promote Mediterranean joie de vivre – the lifestyle combo of eating healthily and socialising al fresco whenever possible.

“We want to make your garden, patio or yacht deck a more magnificent place to relax in – and the envy of all who visit,” says Chris. “Wherever your home happens to be, the right products can extend the outdoor season by making the outdoor space more sumptuous.”

According to Chris, recent advances in materials and technology have revealed new possibilities to designers. “They’ve reimagined lamps to offer enchanting shapes, textures and colours,” he says. “Take our ‘Hollywood’ lamp, which is in the shape of a movie-making searchlight, standing at more than two metres tall. They’re attractive by day and simply jaw-dropping when lit up at night.”

The company is especially proud of its range of Vulx outdoor grills, which introduced the concept of a sit-around barbecue to the UK. They’re designed to withstand the harsh conditions of French Alpine ski resorts, and function as an outdoor grill and dining table in one.

“The Vulx outdoor grills are super convivial,” says Chris, “and – whether tucked onto a city patio or centre stage on an extensive country terrace – they are ideal for year-round use. It’s always a treat catching up with friends and family to share a meal al fresco, and the circular cooking area and table top of the largest Vulx seats up to eight. Not that I’m the first one to champion the joys of barbecuing – apparently barbecuing is mentioned in the Bible and also in Homer’s Iliad!”

Garden Living products have become true objects of desire. “We’re unashamed in encouraging garden envy,” says Chris. “And why not? A great piece of inventive outdoor furniture or a dazzling feature lamp can lift an outdoor space in the same way that outstanding design and décor can for interiors. So let’s flaunt it.”