Tiziana Terenzi

Tiziana Terenzi’s unique scented candles and fragrances are created using ethical and sustainable practices, drawing from Italy’s rich heritage of perfumery

“Life is beautiful, but it is not perfect,” says Tiziana Terenzi, the Creative Director of her eponymous Italian perfume house. “Our perfumes and scented candles are about total emotion. That can even mean a touch of sadness – if you are happy, you are afraid to lose that feeling.”

Tiziana, an established jewellery designer, creates exquisite bottles for the sensuous perfumes blended by her brother, Paolo. Whether it is creating scented candles, bespoke perfumes, diffusers or fragrance stones, this Italian company creates scents that are inspired by childhood memories of travel and the passions and experiences shared by the two siblings.

“We are creators of wonders,” explains Paolo. “And to do this we put ethics at the front of every decision,” says Paolo. “That drives all our business procedures, because to be beautiful we must be sustainable. For instance, with our candles, we were the only company in Europe and maybe the world that used this kind of special wax that is completely pure. They do not release any pollution, only water vapour. And we produce only through solar power and use recycled water.” Likewise, Tiziana Terenzi’s luxury perfumes use only natural ingredients such as bitter bergamot, ylang-ylang and patchouli, and draw from Italy’s rich tradition of perfumery.

This determination to place environmental needs at the heart of practice unites all products sold under the Tiziana Terenzi label, which are available in leading departments stores across 85 countries. The perfume range includes the Classic, Anniversary, Luna, Luna Star, Comet and Sea Stars as well as bespoke perfumes that can be designed to suit the individual customer. Its bestselling scent, Kirké, has notes of passion fruit, cassis and heliotrope, inspired by the goddess Circe. There is no defined men’s or women’s collection.

The company’s carbon-neutral headquarters are near the Adriatic coast at San Giovanni in Marignano, just south of Rimini. “We are an Italian story,” says Tiziana. “We have been making perfumes for three generations. Our concept of luxury is based on honesty, kindness, environmental sustainability, social responsibility and human values.”

From first to last drop, each perfume tells a subtle story of our emotions. “We are all beautiful, but not perfect,” says Tiziana. “Accept who are you. Even if life is not perfect, it is amazing.”