Smart Audio Technologies

Smart Audio Technologies’ AI-based Smart Mute system eliminates extraneous sounds from voice communication, delivering truly noise-free audio content

Smart Audio Technologies is an innovative British start-up that is dedicated to creating technology that revolutionises the way in which we hear and listen. The technology was invented by the firm’s founder and CEO Sandeep Chintala, who has a background in artificial intelligence (AI). This system uses an AI-based engine to eliminate extraneous sounds and noises from any wired or wireless communication devices, resulting in the listener hearing truly noise-free audio content. Smart Audio Technologies set up in London in 2017 and has already been acclaimed as one of the fastest-growing start-ups in its field.

The company has taken out several patents for its ground-breaking system. Sandeep analysed how a human brain subconsciously suppresses surrounding noise and focuses only on the target speaker’s audio inputs when in a noisy environment, and created an intelligent system, trademarked as Smart Mute, that is able to deliver similar capabilities.

“As you know, we are living in an increasingly connected but very noisy world,” explains Steven Kanyatte, the company’s Chief Finance Officer. “We are excited to invite companies whose customers face this issue on a daily basis, such as automotive and smart device manufacturers, to partner with us for integration of our technology into their platforms, so as to achieve the best audio communication experience for their users.” Smart Mute is now ready for deployment into multiple applications including automotive, racing, home office, gaming, smart devices, corporate, defence, law enforcement and the emergency services.

Smart Audio Technologies was one of a few UK tech start-ups invited to represent the Great Britain and Northern Ireland Pavilion in ConnecTechAsia 2019, the biggest Asian tech conference in 2019 to showcase their technology. Sandeep and his team are driven by the understanding that we live in a world increasingly driven by virtual communication. Covid-19 has accelerated the world’s shift to virtual; hundreds of millions of people work, learn, socialise and even see the doctor each day digitally. This makes sound clarity more important than ever before. Smart Audio Technologies therefore focuses on assisting this connection between humans by using the latest advances in AI to make communication devices truly noise-free.