Rutini Wines

When Felipe Rutini started planting vineyards in Argentina in the late 19th century he was guided by the motto “Labour and perseverance”. This attitude shaped the development of his wines, which would become synonymous with quality and innovation.

Felipe was just 18 when he arrived in Argentina in 1885. He came from Le Marche region of Italy, where his family made wine, and he set about planting vines and importing the winemaking machinery he needed from Europe. “At the time there was no concept of making high-class wines in Argentina,” says Manuel Benegas Lynch, Rutini Wines’ Chief Marketing Officer. “Felipe wanted to make really outstanding products with the same status as those produced in Europe.”

A true visionary, Felipe saw a great future for Argentinian wine. Although Felipe died young, his family continued in his pioneering spirit and, in 1925, they planted the first vineyard in the Uco Valley, an area of Mendoza, Argentina that is now world-renowned as one of the world’s top wine-producing regions. The Rutini vineyards now stretch over 400 hectares, reuniting the most privileged terroirs of the Uco Valley.

Surrounded by high summits, the terroir provides soil variation, more than 250 days of sun per year, low rainfall and wide temperature swings between day and night. All these elements stimulate grape cultivation and provide unique microclimates that lend Rutini wines their distinct characteristics. Rutini is now recognized throughout Latin America, the US, China and Europe as a top wine brand. It has also become part of Argentine winemaking history, and the pieces of equipment that Felipe brought over from Italy are now housed in a wine museum.

While it celebrates its roots and legacy, Rutini is still an innovative, forward-thinking brand, and in 2008 the company began building a new state-of-the-art winery right next to its vineyards. “At Rutini the grapes are harvested in three locations within Uco Valley’s most valued terroirs: Gualtallary, El Cepillo and La Consulta,” says Manuel. “It gives the wines not only versatility but the best conditions amongst soil and altitudes.”

This new winery has enabled Rutini to combine its heritage winemaking skills honed over the past century – such as harvesting the grapes by hand – with the latest technology. Its sophisticated equipment includes Argentina’s first optical grape selector, which ensures accuracy in grape selection. There is also a climate-controlled barrel cellar with a capacity for 6,000 French and American oak barrels, and eight different types of tanks for fermentation.

Mariano Di Paola, Rutini’s Head Winemaker, is renowned internationally and has been named by wine magazine Decanter as one of the top 30 winemakers in the world. In 2018, Tim Atkin, a British Master of Wine, chose Mariano as his Winemaking Legend. Rutini’s wine has also won acclaim from other leading wine critics, including Robert M. Parker Jr and James Suckling, with more than 50 scores of 90 or more.

Felipe Rutini’s vision and pioneering work has helped put Argentina on the world map as a leading wine producer, with Rutini Wines recognized as one of the country’s top luxury wine brands. The winery has stayed true to its founder’s commitment to quality and innovation, ensuring that the brand continues to lead the way in combining legacy and cutting-edge techniques to produce the finest wine that Argentina has to offer.