Cosmetics 27

Cosmetics 27’s bioactive skin formulas use ancient natural remedies that have their roots in traditional Ayurvedic medicine

In parts of Asia they call centella asiatica the “longevity plant”. It has been used for more than 3,000 years in traditional medicines in India and Southeast Asia, but when pharmacist Michèle Evrard, who has spent 20 years working in the cosmetics industry, used it on a scar on her own skin, she considered the results to be “a revelation”. From this experience came Baume 27, a unique product that started a brand called Cosmetics 27. The brand was created to harness the unique and powerful properties of the centella asiatica – also known as tiger grass, gotu kola, pegaga or Indian pennywort – in a huge range of bioactive natural cosmeceutical formulas for the skin.

“I searched to optimize the plant’s medicinal qualities,” says Michèle. “I created Baume 27, which includes 27 active ingredients in a unique formula and process, working with a French university professor who had researched the plant. That drove me to patent a formula for its repairing and regenerating efficacy.”

Michèle had become open to alternative medicine after suffering a skiing accident. “It left me crippled and with a large scar on my leg following two knee operations,” she says. “I then developed a syndrome for which no cure is known. I had to turn to treatments other than allopathy, and that’s when I began to get more interested in alternative therapies and medicines. I became very interested in Ayurvedic medicine and philosophy and thought this had some of the answers. This healed me. That was the start of my journey. I am a pharmacist, a scientific person, but I became interested in other more holistic therapies and natural plant therapies. Using centella asiatica on my scar, I discovered that it was a central regenerative plant in Ayurvedic medicine.”

This started Michèle’s product concept and mission. “While I was looking to heal my own skin, I studied skin regeneration,” she says. “This led me to a concept of integrative skincare that I have been developing through my product line.” The luxury line of natural cosmetics focuses on skin regeneration. “All products are powered by centella asiatica, the signature longevity plant with its legendary skin repair, regenerating and antioxidant properties,” says Michèle. “The C27 skincare regime brings the benefits of safe, clean and proven efficacy cosmetics. They are conceived and developed for the most demanding skin, so adapted to all skin types.”

All products are formulated by Michèle herself who designs formulas based on natural active ingredients that are carefully selected and precisely concentrated for optimum efficacy. She has established her own formulation charter, eliminating many ingredients she feels are not necessary or healthy for the skin. Michèle defines this as her own “clean skincare” philosophy.

Since launching Baume 27 in 2009, the Cosmetics 27 line has created a range of products that rebalance the skin with a main focus on skin health and longevity. Creams, serums, essence, cleanser, masks and oil, as well as a food supplement, make for a complete skin routine. All active formulas are also blended together for made-to-measure personal skin preparations. The brand offers a mixology approach and allows adaptation of the treatment to the skin needs and condition, enhancing the extraordinary power of the longevity plant.