Natural selection


Three thousand years of herbal wisdom go into every cup of ZABICOLife’s premium teas, alongside a wealth of health benefits

Gladstone St. Auburn Etienne describes ZABICOLife’s range of premium herbal teas very simply as “health in a cup”. This herbal tradition has been passed down from generation to generation. He started blending herbal teas in 2014, using traditional recipes from his beautiful home of Dominica in the Caribbean, and is now based in Washington DC. He targets specific health issues – anxiety, stress, problems around weight loss, inflammation, skin conditions – and then carefully creates powerful and delicious blends of up to eight herbs that bring huge and immediate benefits when included as part of a daily health regime. “Herbs are a pillar in the foundation of wellness,” he says. “They help to relax the body and mind, break down free radicals, reduce inflammation and detox the organs. There is a wealth of benefits to be gained.”

Gladstone’s ambition is for herbal teas to become an established part of a new wellness culture. In recent years, individuals across the globe have embraced the variety and complexity of coffee and wine, demonstrating that people are prepared to explore and experiment with new tastes. This can now be done with herbal teas, which taste and smell wonderful but also bring unique health benefits. They improve the body and offer peace of mind, with none of the side effects of conventional medicine and all the elegance and enjoyment that comes from fine wine and single malts.

ZABICOLife takes its name from the zabico tree – the French Creole word for the Caribbean apricot tree, which traditionally represents health and resilience. The teas are available from the company’s online shop, which also sells an infusion mug to ensure the herbs steep for the 20 minutes required to extract most benefits. His herbs are carefully selected from around the globe, but Gladstone hopes to grow more locally, encouraging others to understand the benefits of arboriculture – growing herbs alongside other trees and shrubs. “I am from the Nature Island of the Caribbean so I am very conscious of that,” he says. “I want to educate people about caring for the environment, and the power and the beauty of herbs, which I believe are as good for the body as physical exercise and should be seen as important as water.”