La Vallée

Using natural plant-based complexes, essential oils and even caviar extract, La Vallée’s cosmetics help to protect and nourish the skin

Women want to feel secure about their skin whether they are skiing, making a presentation to the board or travelling between cities. That confidence is what Swiss cosmetic manufacturer La Vallée, founded by Peter Yip in 2005, aims to provide through a range of skincare products that combine natural ingredients like plant nectar, essential oils, glacier water and even caviar with the latest scientific discoveries to suit any situation.

“Whether they need to hydrate, protect or enhance their skin, we have something for all these moments,” says La Vallée’s Brand Director Knirke Fester Schindler, who has led a recent relaunch of the company and its products. “We allow her to be perpetually confident with targeted formulas that fight the effects of time and which protect, nourish and care for the skin. We use cutting-edge biotech and select the best parts of Swiss plants to make plant-based complexes that are combined with Swiss water, essential oils and other products. Our slogan is ‘inspired by nature, dedicated to science’.”

La Vallée’s range has products for cleansing, moisturizing, lightening, sun care and anti-ageing. A Special Treatment line offers targeted treatments designed for sensitive skin that reacts to external and internal factors such as stress, pollution, UV rays or seasonal changes and for skin that needs to recover and find its balance after non-invasive aesthetic treatments. There’s also the Caviar Essence line, a luxury cream that utilizes the exceptional regenerative properties of caviar extract, which is rich in natural proteins, minerals, essential amino acids and Vitamin A. After application, skin is visibly plumped, smooth and firm. The STX-Cell Line is a unique vegan treatment that regenerates skin on a cellular level through the synergy of two ingredients drawn from plant stem cells – Cellintegrity and BioNymph Peptide Complex, in combination with Flax Flower Extract.

The company has additional products that are used at exclusive spas and clinics, often in conjunction with laser technology. “We are the only Swiss cosmetic brand with its own laser technology,” explains Knirke. “It has five proven technologies in one machine so we are able to do a number of face and body treatments, including lifting, firming, oxygenating, toning and slimming, and we have a collection of products that complement the machine and enhance the results. This is because we believe that the ambitious woman, especially today, wants her beauty rituals in a safe and secure space with treatments that ensure fast and visible results.”

The core clientele for La Vallée are what Knirke describes as “the active, ambitious executive woman who is striving for excellence and needs a partner to bring results that she can trust with her daily beauty rituals”. Products are sold in a select range of department stores, spas and boutiques in London, New York, Paris, Dubai and Cannes as well as Switzerland. The brand celebrates values of excellence, infinite ambition and sustainability. La Vallée has partnered with Prince Albert II of Monaco’s foundation to protect the ocean and also works with a foundation in India that is building schools and offering education for women. “These schools are helping women in India to become independent and ambitious,” says Knirke. “We strive to help those communities that are aligned with our brand values.”