“Libratone’s goal has always been to set sound free, by creating wireless technology that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime,” says the company’s Vice President of Global Marketing, Alex Oberberg. “Everything we make is the result of our ceaseless passion for engineering and design.”

At the core of Libratone’s success in designing wireless loudspeakers and headphones is a perfect combination of cutting-edge technology and smart Danish design. And all of this perfected by the highest quality engineering.

The company was founded in 2009 by Danish audiophiles and entrepreneurs who were united in their ambition to fundamentally change listeners’ relationship to sound by creating exceptional wireless audio experiences. The brand name Libratone comes from the words “liberation” and “tone”, to encapsulate the idea of freeing sound.

Its latest portable loudspeaker is the ZIPP 2, a smart wireless speaker that combines a big, rich sound with the addition of Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. Housed within a changeable fabric cover in one of four bright and bold colours, it connects and streams easily through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and works with Airplay 2, Spotify Connect and many more. The loudspeakers feature Libratone’s enhanced and trademarked 360 FullRoom sound that disperses soundwaves in multiple directions, giving listeners a fuller, richer listening experience regardless of where they’re positioned.

Alongside the ZIPP 2 is the brand-new TRACK Air+ true wireless earphones that enable the wearer to tune into rich sound and tune out everything else whether commuting, training, travelling or simply relaxing. They are designed to easily fit into a small pocket when not in use and snugly in the ear when on the move. Their trademarked CityMix adjustable technology automatically adjusts the noise-cancelling level to fit the surroundings and can also be manually adjusted to suit preferences. Other benefits are that users can double-tap the earbuds to pause and play music and to take calls. The music pauses automatically when the listener removes the earbuds and restarts when they are picked up again.

On any Libratone device, music lovers can stream music however they like via smartphone, PC or tablet throughout their home or wherever in the world they are travelling. This means its products are ideally placed for music fans who want a high-quality loudspeaker or earphones that can complement their existing sound system, but which can carry the sounds they love to any location.

“There are no stereotype Libratone users,” says Alex. “They will be people who are boldly individual and who know what they like but are open to new influences and who connect with Danish design and values when looking for a quality audio product.”

Libratone has been recognized repeatedly for its innovation. In 2019 alone, it has received design awards for its product range including the Red Dot Design Award for the TRACK Air+ and the German Design Award for the ZIPP 2.

After 10 years of innovation that has seen Libratone finesse the concept of the innovative and high-quality portable loudspeaker and headphones, Alex says the company is pushing to become one of the world’s leading audio brands over the next few years.

“We will continue to promote our eye-catching aesthetics and excellent audio technology, while at the same time evolving into a brand that is well known and recognized on the international stage, but not compromising the quality of the sounds we are producing,” he says. “We believe that our values exude typical Danish principles such as boldness, creativity and standing out from the crowd.”