At a time when reports suggest there is an epidemic of insomnia and sleep problems, getting a good night’s sleep has never been more important. Part of that equation is comfort and heat regulation through high-quality materials; something that Lameirinho, a Portuguese company that has been making bed linen and home textiles for over 70 years, knows a lot about.

“We want people who sleep in our bed linen to have an outstanding sleep experience,” says Tania Lima, Marketing and Communications Director. “The very best experience in terms of sleep.”

To create a product that appeals to Lameirinho’s customers all over the world – including five-star hotels in Portugal, France and Spain – the high-end quality of the company’s bed linen is paramount. This is ensured through a combination of ingredients. “One of the most fundamental reasons for our success is that we are supplying the product with the highest thread count in the world,” says Tania. “Our cloths have a count of 1,600, which makes them incredibly soft, strong and luxurious.”

Many of those who work at Lameirinho have been with the company for more than 40 years. “That means knowledge,” says Paulo Coelho Lima, CEO and third generation of the Lima family to run the business. “We know how to make a good product. Almost everything is done in-house, which means we can control it better and guarantee our customers the best procedures, from the quality of the yarns we buy to the way it is woven.”

A laboratory and research centre keep the company at the forefront of innovation and durability. One fibre that it has returned to, thanks to innovative development, is linen. “We stopped using it because it was difficult to iron and the hand-feel was not so good,” says Tania. “Our grandmothers used it a lot but with our hectic lives we don’t have the time to iron bedding to make everything tidy.” The company thought about the best way to begin using linen again and developed a product that can go straight from the line or the tumble dryer to the bed. It boasts a natural wrinkle effect with a luxurious feel, as well as functionality.

With around 800 members of staff and 200,000 square metres of production area, Lameirinho’s environmental concerns and sustainable focus are admirable. “We are concerned about the environment and the future of humanity,” says Tania.

Paulo agrees: “Our goal is always recycling more and more because I think that is the future.” The company has already gained Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification and an upcoming product will use dye made from recycling commonly discarded materials, such as orange peel and nut shells.

Because of the durability of the materials used, Lameirinho’s bed linen can last a lifetime – and there is something for everyone. For those who like to go to sleep in a cool and fresh bed, Paulo recommends percale, a closely woven cotton fabric. For those who favour softness, comfort and a material that retains the heat of the body, satin is her preferred option. A new version of luxury velvet flannel that resists pilling is popular in the United States. But if a customer wants something bespoke, Lameirinho will make it for them. “To buy quality is to invest in a better lifestyle,” says Paulo. “It’s an investment for life.”