The Stork

“People can – and do – go on forever trying to find their perfect partner, until they finally realize that the perfect person or situation doesn’t exist,” explains Fiona Thomas, founder of The Stork, a matchmaking agency with a difference. The Stork helps its members to form romantic relationships, but where both parties want to become parents sooner rather than later.

The company also offers a more unconventional route known as “co-parenting”, specifically designed for those who feel they really are running out of time. “We are the only agency in the world to offer what we do, and where everyone has one thing in common,” says Fiona (pictured, left). “Our members all want to meet someone special with whom to start a family or add to an existing one, either with a plan to remain together for eternity or in a more pragmatic way by sharing parental responsibilities, as any separated or divorced couple would do.” Currently 70 per cent of all parents in the UK fall into the latter group.

Other statistics make for surprising reading. In the UK now around 23 per cent of all men and women aged between 41 and 45 are childless, compared to around 10 per cent in 1946. Mindful of this, Fiona formed the company after successfully pairing up several friends. “I encouraged them to trust chemistry rather than photographs and to refrain from forming judgements on a single meeting,” she says.

Fiona doesn’t shy away from describing the company’s offering as “exclusive”. “We are selective but that’s not so much about money,” she says. “In fact, I have only ever spoken to one lady who expressly stated a man’s wealth was of prime importance to her and she didn’t join! Members are more interested in the type of partner or parent someone is going to be, which makes a refreshing change. Some members feel their lives have been dominated by their career or bad luck in love. I remind people there is far more to life than work and success.”

The Stork offers a unique and specialized service for those who don’t want to leave things entirely to fate and who feel time is marching on. And march it does – for us all.