With its sleek aesthetics, rear-swinging doors and tasteful trim, the DreamWave M-Series has more in common with a luxury car than most massage chairs. It’s no surprise, then, that its designer, Ken Okuyama, is also behind dozens of supercars, including the Enzo Ferrari and the Maserati Quattroporte V, as well as Japan’s Shinkansen bullet trains.

Okuyama was invited to bring his expertise to DreamWave by the company’s founder and CEO, Cliff Levin. The company was already known for making the world’s most luxurious, technologically advanced shiatsu massage chairs.

“DreamWave has long been the standard for luxury massage chairs, but the M-Series pushes it to new boundaries,” says Cliff. “We started working on the product more than two years ago. The first thing we did was to invite Ken to come on board. He has designed some of the most famous cars of the past 20 years, and we knew he would approach this project in an entirely new direction. No one has ever made a massage chair like this.”

“My mission was to create a chair possessing special features not found anywhere else,” adds Ken. “I carefully designed a machine that could be embraced for its comfort, as well as appreciated for its aesthetics. To me, investing in a DreamWave M-Series chair is exactly the same as buying a luxury car. Both purchases will broaden one’s lifestyle and offer delightfully unique and precious moments.”

With game-changing features, including the rear-swinging doors – ideal for easy entry and exit for those with back problems – and a trademarked MaxTrack framework that perfectly matches the body’s contours, the DreamWave M-Series sets a new standard in massage technology. “Imagine a state where stress melts away and relaxation is absolute,” says Cliff. “The DreamWave creates an environment that allows people to disconnect, recharge and rejuvenate body and mind.”

The Japanese shiatsu master Okabayashi sensei choreographed the M-Series massage. Shiatsu can help alleviate back pain and headaches, reduce neck stiffness and joint pain, and mitigate insomnia and stress-related disorders. “Okabayashi sensei flew to our offices in Boulder, Colorado, to coach our development team,” says Cliff. “His thinking and shiatsu massage philosophy are captured in the choreography that is programmed into our chairs. You can feel his decades of experience. It is like being massaged by human hands, which is our gold standard.”

The DreamWave M-Series is manufactured in Japan. “That is one of the pillars of the brand,” explains Cliff. “Just a short time ago there wasn’t a market for luxury, high-performance massage chairs. I saw an opportunity to produce something more sophisticated and more refined by leveraging Japanese technology and engineering. The result is a product of singular quality. No one builds massage chairs better.”

Most buyers are private owners. “Some like to wake up with a morning massage,” says Cliff. “Athletic owners use it for recovery after a workout, playing tennis or a round of golf. And all owners find the DreamWave experience ethereal.”

The greatest appeal, says Cliff, is having a transcendent massage experience in your own home. “We encourage people to ‘Find your DreamWave’. Why not make contentment, pleasure and relaxation part of every day? We developed this chair to be transformative. To take people to a place where they find physical and metaphysical joy. Whatever, wherever, you think your DreamWave is, we want our M-Series to transport you there at the touch of a button.”