Woodward Brown

Founded in April 2018, Woodward Brown is a new company, but its heritage and expertise reach much further back. The collaborative effort of Bobby Woodward (an artist, designer and master leather craftsman) and Zac Brown (the multi-platinum-selling musician), Woodward Brown creates one-of-a-kind luxury leather items, from belts, necklaces and wallets through to totes, handbags, briefcases and luggage.

“Bobby has been making bags, luggage and jewellery for about 15 years,” explains Kathryn Woodward, Bobby’s wife and the company’s production manager. “Zac is a long-time friend and customer who appreciates Bobby’s style and loves the quality that goes into his bags, so Zac and Bobby joined forces to create Woodward Brown. It’s been a great experience.”

Not only is every product handmade with the utmost care and attention, but many of Bobby’s creations are also embedded with a precious stone that’s both selected and cut in-house. “We also focus on the metaphysical aspects of stones,” says Bobby, “and I have a natural ability to pick a stone that is beneficial for the keeper of each piece. From hand-carving the wax to the lacework, from casting the silver and gold pieces to cutting the stones, there’s nobody doing what we do and I believe there’s no higher-quality bag out there. We have begun naming our product lines after kings and queens due to their high quality.”

Beyond the combination of Bobby’s exquisite artistry and Zac’s creative direction, Woodward Brown also stands out from the crowd through its ethos. The products are guaranteed for life and customer service is a top priority. “Bobby sees what he does as honouring the animal who provided the skin,” Kathryn says. “He wants to ensure their skin becomes something beautiful even after death. He puts a little piece of sage under each stone and says a little prayer for the animal that he’s using.”

“Each skin we purchase is ethically sourced or farm-raised,” adds Bobby. “Every bag comes with a certificate of authenticity so you can track each animal back to where it was raised. Woodward Brown can also include your own hunted skins or treasured jewellery and turn them into a one-of-a-kind composition that will be perfect for you.”