Crown & Champa

Crown & Champa’s luxury resorts in the Maldives allow residents to enjoy their very own luxury island, almost to themselves

Crown & Champa RESORTS offers an unparalleled choice of luxury getaways in the Maldives, but more than that, it provide guests with 40 years of hospitality expertise as a pioneer in bringing tourism to the idyllic Indian Ocean archipelago. “We are the oldest hotel group, covering everything from four-star entry-level to six-star luxury private islands,” says Ahmed Shaheen, the Director of Sales and Marketing. “We have a powerful local heritage and are very popular with the European market.”

The company’s newest resort is Kagi Maldives – an island entirely devoted to wellness. Each of the private villas on this tiny paradise has its own plunge pool, while its iconic spa building was designed by Japanese-American architect Yuji Yamazaki. His design creates a memorable location that combines the unspoilt natural beauty of the Maldivian islands with the well-being of the guests. The resort also features a piano bar with incredible views of the ocean. Every aspect of the experience is devoted to wellness, including the food, activities and excursion, as well as the luxury treatments.

The experience provided on Hurawalhi Maldives Island is dedicated to a different kind of indulgence. This chic resort is reserved for over-15s only and provides visitors with a series of unique culinary experiences, from a champagne pavilion to its famous underwater restaurant, 5.8 (named after its depth in metres below the surface of the sea). Most of the rooms have private infinity pools while guests are appointed an island host to ensure they get the most from the resort.

“We have a marine biology centre and a house reef, so people do not have to take a boat when they want to see the marine life,” says Shaheen. “Then there is the all-glass underwater restaurant, 5.8, which is the largest of its type in the world.”

The resort is carefully curated to be in harmony with its surroundings and to integrate the brilliance of the ocean. The villas use natural materials and colours that mimic the foliage and ocean surrounding it, and there is no distinction between the outside and inside, with large open doors and free access to the sea to provide a natural, connecting flow.

Finally, Kudadoo Maldives Private Island has another unique offering – the ultra luxury, fully inclusive “AAA” experience. “This means ‘anything, anytime, anywhere’,” says Shaheen. “Everything is included in the price.” The island offers the Maldives’ first Himalayan salt chamber, and a cheese and wine cellar with a sommelier on hand to guide guests through the superb selection on offer. Every residence has a private infinity pool and a dedicated personal butler, and the resort is fully sustainable through solar power. For Shaheen, Kudadoo “reflects the luxury of simplicity – down-to-earth private experiences, natural and elegance together”.

The resorts of Kudadoo, Hurawalhi and Kagi Maldives promise a unique and unforgettable experience whether you are travelling solo, as a couple or with a family, and whether you want to relax, dine, swim or be pampered. They demonstrate precisely what makes the Maldives so special – something that Crown & Champa Resorts has been sharing with the world for decades. “The owners helped bring tourism to the Maldives in the 1970s,” says Shaheen. “They had a vision and we are still following that path and striving to accomplish their goals.”