Living history, up close

Archaeological Paths

An Archaeological Paths tour doesn’t just take you to another place – it transports you to a whole other time

“We wanted to change how tours operate,” says Grzegorz Popławski, founder and CEO of Archaeological Paths. “It wasn’t enough for guests to see a few sites from afar. Our passion is to dive as deep as possible into a country’s culture, history and archaeology. That is why we source distinguished experts to meet our groups. Their knowledge is irreplaceable.”

Archaeological Paths has created itineraries that take guests from the pyramids of Egypt to Turkey’s biblical cities, and from the Armenian Highlands to the highlights of India. “What links these locations is a richness of discoverable archaeology and a depth of history,” says Grzegorz. “We are concerned with the most interesting sites and experiences possible, and of finding a way to make these places accessible to our guests. Archaeological Paths leads where the general public can’t go.”

Relationships with governments and national experts have enabled Archaeological Paths to send guests into remote, little-known and rarely visited locations, such as the oldest known temple in the world, the neolithic Göbekli Tepe in Turkey, which, at 9500 BC, is older than Stonehenge. Guests of Archaeological Paths also benefit from access to restricted areas and private entrances. “For the average visitor to the Giza Plateau, a viewing platform is as close to the Sphinx as they’ll get,” says Grzegorz. “Our tours begin between the paws of the Sphinx, where the group explores this most enigmatic of structures with Dr Zahi Hawass. The world’s most famous Egyptologist and author, Dr Hawass discovered the Tombs of the Pyramid Builders at Giza and the Valley of the Golden Mummies at Bahariya Oasis. “He is the most recognisable archaeologist on the planet.”

Inspiration is shared between invited speakers, experts and guests. “I remember when I met Dr Hawass,” says Grzegorz. “He told me his love for archaeology began when he first visited an excavation site. There in the dust he spotted something. With the first swish of his brush, he found an artefact. In that moment, he knew he had found his destiny. Our mission is to help these experts share their discoveries with our guests.”

Archaeological Paths ensures that its visitors stay in style. “After days spent outdoors in these areas of intrigue and beauty, our guests enjoy evenings of the utmost luxury,” says Grzegorz. Five-star accommodation is the standard and, where possible, guests stay in historically important sites. “When guests visit Egypt, they stay in what was once a royal palace,” he adds. “You can gaze upon the pyramids from the balcony.”

The journey through time and place begins with the first call to Archaeological Paths. “Everyone in our team is an experienced traveller,” says Grzegorz. “Their passion is to give guests the greatest experiences possible.” Creating sustainable tours is also important. “Tour operators have a responsibility to support the places they visit. These sites must be preserved for generations to come. Tourism, done in a sustainable way, is the key to maintaining these wonders.”

Grzegorz shares his motivation for founding Archaeological Paths. “To be frank,” he says, “if you visit any of these locations in your life, it may be only once or twice. It is therefore important to have the richest experience possible; to see things in the best way. We want to make that one visit last for a lifetime – to create a trip full of memories. And if you ever find the memories are no longer enough, we are always on the other end of the phone.”